Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Your Pet Day

February is a month of love. Valentine’s Day for humans, and of course Love Your Pet Day, on February 20 for our animal friends. We hope you showered your pet with love and treats this past Saturday in honor of Love Your Pet Day!

In the coming days we’ll be debuting our full pet care line filled with many great products for your pet including pet toys, and pet clothing they are sure to love. MEDNET’s pet care line has gifts for all types of pets, from cats, dogs, birds and even fish and small animals.

In addition to showering your pet with love, attention and treats, you can show your pet how much you care about them by actually caring for them. Ensure your pets get their annual checkups, vaccinations and other medical care. MEDNET’s pet care line also includes a variety of pet health products to help care for your pet all year, such as specialty foods, flea medication and shampoos and all the supplies you need to keep pet teeth clean, and items you need to care for your pet’s coat. Get brushes, combs, scissors, and shampoos specially made to care for pet hair and skin!

Soon you’ll be able to make everyday love your pet day at MEDNET’s pet store!

About the Author: Kerry Perissi is the Founder & Vice President of MEDNET Direct, a leading provider of medical supplies as well as quality puppy pads. For more information and to shop medical supplies wholesale, please visit MEDNET Direct.

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