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E*Kits Debridement Trays: Instead of creating storage space for numerous
items which are pulled again and again for similar procedures, a
convenient sterile E*Kit from Medline is a single item pulled from a
single location. Components are packaged in sequence of use, allowing
the clinician to progress efficiently through procedures. Sterile
E*Kits can be a valuable tool in standardizing protocols for quality
patient care; when the items necessary for a procedure are supplied in
a single tray, facility protocols and continuum of care are easier to be
established and maintained. Cost-Effective. Since all components
necessary to perform the procedure are prepared in a single sterile
disposable tray, less time needs to be spent ordering supplies and
preparing for the procedure, saving your facility both time and money.
Sterile E*Kits from Medline include standard components. You can also
design your own custom sterile E*Kit to meet the specific needs of your
facility. Contains: Iris Scissors, Adson Forceps (1x2 Teeth), Scalpel
(No. 10), 2 Gauze (3"x3"), Cotton-Tipped Applicator, Alcohol Prep Pad .

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