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  • Reduces Pet Grooming Time
  • Adheres To Most Surfaces
  • Restrains Dogs Up To 100+lbs
  • Built-In Leash & Collar
  • Available In Multiple Colors

The Easiest Way To Wash Your Pet - Only From Mednet!

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  • Easy to Use!

    Wash your pet with ease.
    Just insert the included leash
    and you are ready to go right
    out of the box!

  • Works with Big and Small Dogs!

    The Pet Wash restraint is designed
    to withstand 100lbs. and can
    easily hold big dogs in place while
    you wash them!

  • Great for All Temperaments!

    Pet Wash is great for all sizes,
    weights, and temperaments of pet.

  • The Pet Wash has saved my life. This product lets me feel safe that my pet will not jump out while I'm washing him.Brody J. - Nokomis, FL
  • It really works! it is amazing how much easier it was to wash my puppy at home. How come nobody thought of this before? Thanks Pet Wash!!Marylin C. - Panama City, FL
  • Hey! this is a great idea, really!! My only complaint is: How come I didn't think of it first?Rich S. - Denver, CO
  • I loved it.. and Max, my Cocker Spaniel, did too Washing him using the pet wash was like a dream come true, no more chasing after him making a mess in the bathroom!Charlie S. - Miami, FL
  • I had the opportunity to experience the ease of this 'pet wash' product. It secures the pet to the tub so that washing your pet is easy and makes the pet feel secure. I want one for my own dog; not only for washing the dog but trimming its nails and grooming. The amount of money it will save me at the groomers is enormous.Melanie D. - Kansas City, KS
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Does washing and grooming your pet provide more hassle than you can handle? Now you can use Pet Wash, and you'll never have to wrestle with your animal to stay in the tub again. By placing Pet Wash's suction-cup leash on the wall of your bathtub, you can easily prevent your dog or cat from escaping their needed cleaning. Plus, you'll free up both hands to cut down bath-time altogether. There is no set-up required, so adding PetWash into your pet's bath routine is as easy as opening the package!

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