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Why Washable Puppy Pads Are Eco-Friendly

Washable Puppy Pads from Med Net Direct not only potty-train your pup but are eco-friendly! Our washable puppy pads are made from high-quality cotton/poly material that is biodegradable, effectively taking up less space in our landfills when you eventually dispose of them!

Because our washable puppy pads withstand up to 300 washes, you will be saving even more space in landfills simply by reusing the washable pads, instead of throwing away disposable puppy pads after each use.

With environmentally friendly washable puppy pads, you'll also be saving green (as in money) because you won't have to place future orders for disposable pads, which also saves on wasteful shipping boxes and materials.

By using washable puppy pads, your pet will smell their scent on clean, washed pads and be inclined to use them again and again, leaving you with a trained pet, and a environmentally-friendly effort you can feel proud of.

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