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Who Uses Washable Puppy Pads

Washable Puppy Pads are a wonderful cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pet training products. In addition to pets themselves, many pet-related businesses share the desire to become "greener" and save money, without sacrificing quality. Learn how these business use washable puppy pads in their daily activities.

Pet Owners

Pet owners are the primary user of washable puppy pads, because they are designed for at home pet training. Washable puppy pads work because pets can sense their smell even on clean pads, and are inclined to use and reuse them, instead of homeowners' floors and carpet. Gradually moving the pads to the backyard quickly and effectively teaches pets to eliminate outside! While teaching their pets good habits, pet owners are saving money on expensive trainers, carpet cleaning treatments, and ineffective products. By reusing the pads, they are being environmentally friendly and saving money on disposable products.

Veterinary Offices & Pet Kennels

Veterinary Offices use washable puppy pads often as well. Washable puppy pads are more comfortable and soft than disposable puppy pads, making them great for vet kennels. When they are dry, pets can relish in their softness in their kennels while recovering from surgery or illness, and if they have an accident, it can be easily cleaned and replaced with a new pad. Vets are committed to keeping pets comfortable, and using soft, washable puppy pads helps them achieve that goal. Vets and Kennel Owners also enjoy cost savings by purchasing less disposable products, which can lead to lower procedure costs for pet owners in some cases.

Pet Groomers

Pet Groomers can utilize washable puppy pads in a number of ways to help their furry clients. They can be used in the traditional manner, to catch accidents pets may experience if they are nervous or uncomfortable at the groomer. Because these soft pads are highly absorbent, groomers may use them in place of towels when grooming smaller pets. These pads can be easily washed and reused up to 300 times, resulting in significant cost savings and waste reduction for this industry!

Professional Pet Trainers & Breeders

Professional Pet Trainers and Breeders can also utilize washable puppy pads in their business in a variety of ways to help save money and the environment. For instance, Breeders can use washable puppy pads to wrap and clean newborn pups. The high absorbency of these pads can soak up a lot of unwanted material and offer a soothing touch to delicate new puppy fur. Trainers can use the pads in case puppies have accidents while in their care. Puppy pads can help keep their training areas clean and stain free, so other pets can train in a clean environment. These washable pads can be washed and reused a number of times, saving money and polluting the environment less!

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