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DUKAL continues to offer Quality Products to meet and exceed user expectations. We offer a variety of Cotton and Wood products to assist in providing good patient care.

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Veterinary Cotton & Wood Products

Veterinary Cotton and Wood Products have a number of uses in various pet industries and pet homes. Veterinary Cotton and Wood products can be used to assist in medication administration, used to apply creams and ointments, and help diagnose problems. Med Net Direct is the premier source for veterinary cotton and wood products to help care for pets and serve pet owners and pet business owners alike.

Veterinary Cotton Balls

Veterinary Cotton Balls have a variety of uses throughout various pet related industries. Vet offices utilize cotton balls to sterilize skin before vaccinations, apply ointment and sterilize tools. Groomers can use these to clean behind pet ears and other small areas as well as apply lotion and other creams. Our Veterinary Cotton balls are made from 100% cotton and are highly absorbent and sterile, and come in medium and large for your convenience.

Veterinary Cotton Stockinette

Veterinary Cotton Stockinette is made from 100% Non-Sterile Cotton. This traditional bandage works great for many applications in the veterinary industry. This veterinary tubular stockinette is knitted and unbleached for a natural color. It can be used comfortably as a pre-wrap under a cast.

Veterinary Cotton Tipped Applicators

Veterinary cotton tipped applicators are great tools for vets, groomers, and pet owners alike. Cotton tipped applicators can be used to clean pet ears, apply lotion, ointment or medication, sterilize areas before shots and vaccines are given, along with many other uses. The wooden handle allows for easy use, and the soft cotton tip provides maximum pet comfort.

Veterinary Tongue Depressors

Veterinary Tongue Depressors are great for use in veterinary practices. They can be used for a number of applications, such as throat and mouth inspection, holding down the tongue while teeth are cleaned or breathing aids are inserted during surgery. Ensure your veterinary practice has an ample supply of veterinary tongue depressors available for your pet patients.

Veterinary Wood Applicators

Veterinary Wood Applicators are great for a number of general uses in veterinary practices. Wood applicators can be used to apply ointments and other medications that cannot be applied with a cotton applicator. They are also great to use as tongue depressors in smaller animals whose mouths are too small for regular sized products. Wood applicators can be used to push long fur out of the way, or used to apply pressure on wounds. Ensure you have an ample supply of wood applicators for your veterinary practice for general use.

Veterinary 1 lb Cotton Roll

Similar to individual cotton swabs, veterinary cotton rolls can offer numerous uses in the veterinary field. By using cotton rolls, employees can tear off enough cotton to accomodate their patient. Cotton Rolls are great for first aid wound care and cleaning pets. It is also great for sterilizing larger areas and applying ointment and medication to large areas. Cotton rolls are also ideal for cleaning wounds when changing the dressing.

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