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Dukal offers a full range of bandages from elastic to gauze, to adhesive to conforming to better fit a wide range of market needs. Each Bandage is made to the high standards of DUKAL Quality and will meet and exceed expectations.

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Veterinary Bandages

Veterinary Bandages are essential medical supplies for veterinary offices and pet owners alike to care from minor and major pet injuries. Veterinary bandages should also be kept at pet service industries, such as groomers, trainers and kennels in case a pet gets knicked by a grooming tool, or dogs get into a scuffle at the trainers. trust Med Net Direct to provide your pet business with the highest quality veterinary bandages.

Veterinary Adhesive Strips

Veterinary adhesive strips are essentially pet band aids. These work just like a human band-aid, offering small wound care. These bandages are made specially to securely, but gently adhere to pet skin and hair without causing further discomfort. The sterile adhesive strips can be easily removed and changed, and they are available in plastic and material varieties depending on the needs of your pet. Both designs allow for breath-ability, which will promote fast healing.

Veterinary Cohesive Bandages

Veterinary Cohesive Bandages are ideal for a variety of pet wound care needs. These high quality cohesive bandages are the same cohesive bandages used in medical facilities and maintain consistent non-slip compression. These woven fabric bandages are soft, flexible and ideal for caring for wounds that are hard to cover or care for. Cohesive bandages are easy to tear, and rip in any direction for easy application, plus they come in a variety of bright colors to make your pet recover in style.

Veterinary Conforming Stretch Gauze

Veterinary Conforming stretch gauze is ideal for a variety of pet uses. This gauze stretches and conforms to odd shaped or placed wounds. This specialty gauze is individually wrapped for convenient application and disposal. Conforming stretch gauze is made from a rayon/polester blend of highly absorbent material, designed to not slip during use and promote healing.

Veterinary Elastic Bandages

Veterinary Elastic Bandages are ideal for pet wounds in need o compression care. Compression is the quickest way to promote healing. These DUKAL Veterinary Elastic Bandages are comparable to the Ace Bandages that many people are familiar with. These bandages are individually rolled and include two metal clips to secure the bandage in place. These bandages will provide excellent support and the soft material allows for maximum pet comfort. Dukal Elastic Bandages are available in Latex and Latex Free options to properly care for all pet injuries.

Veterinary Fluff Bandage Roll

Veterinary Fluff Bandage Rolls are excellent bandages for a variety of pet injuries. The 100% washed cotton provides a ultra comfortable fit on pet injuries. The cotton materials also allows for superior absorbency and will conform and hold as needed, making it ideal for wounds of all sizes and locations.

Veterinary Rolled Gauze

Veterinary Rolled Gauze has a variety of uses when caring for pet injuries. Made of 100% 2 ply woven gauze the Rolled Gauze can be used to effectively hold dressings securely in place. Available in sterile and non sterile packages, this bandage is ideal for caring for wounds of all sizes and severity. Rolled gauze is great for use at home, in veterinary offices, kennels and grooming facilities alike.

Veterinary Triangular Bandages

Veterinary Triangular Bandages are great for caring for pets with broken or sprained limbs. The natural woven cotton gauze material securely hold injured limbs in place while providing pet comfort and allowing the skin to breathe. These Triangular bandages are also easy to change if pets mess with the bandage and somehow get it off or fray it. These bandages are individually wrapped for easy application and come with two safety pins to help hold the bandage in place and secure a proper fit for any sized pet.

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