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The DUKAL Wound Care Products were developed for patients with the most delicate of skin in mind. The healing process will be protected as well as enhanced with the use of these Dukal Quality products.

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Veterinary Advanced Wound Care

When pets get injured or are recovering from injury, it is essential to have the correct veterinary would care supplies on hand. Your veterinary office will stock all the essential supplies so they are prepared for caring for injured pets, but pet owners should keep certain wound care supplies on hand to provide immediate care for their pets on the way to the vet, or to properly care for their pet's injuries when the pet is cleared to return home from the clinic. Med Net Direct offers all the veterinary wound care supplies needed by veterinary offices and pet owners alike.

Veterinary Caliber Island Dressings

To care for a variety of pet injuries, choose high quality Caliber Non-Woven Island Dressings. These non-woven dressings are sterile and latex free, providing proper care to all pets, even pets with allergies. Caliber Non-Woven Island Dressings are highly absorbent and wick moisture away from wounds, promoting quick healing. These specialty dressings allow for breath ability, which promotes healing, while keeping outside bacteria and material from infecting the open wound. Available in 6 sizes to care for any sized wound.

Veterinary Hydrasorb Foam Dressings

For deep wounds, or injuries that produce a high amount of moisture, select veterinary Hydrasorb Foam Dressings. These dressings are unique because they are made from a semi-occlusive, highly absorbent hydrophilic, polyurethane foam that will absorb up to 20 times it's own weight. This specialty veterinary dressing is soft, for a comfortable feel against tender pet skin. The non-linting, non-adherent pad promotes fast healing, allows for maximum breath ability. The unique foam can be contoured to properly care for obscure placed wounds and hard to dress areas.

Veterinary Suture Removal Kit

When you pet has had stitches, surgery or any other injury requiring stitches, it's important to remove them properly to prevent further injury. Pets can become fidgety and scared when the painful sutures are removed, so ensure they are removed with the appropriate pet suture removal kit. This kit contains all the sterile tools vets and pet owners alike to properly remove pet stitches with minimal discomfort to your pet. Designed for one time use only.

Veterinary Take Home Wound Care Kit

Veterinary clinics often keep a supply of these veterinary take home wound care kits to provide to pet owners when their pet is ready to go home. This veterinary take home wound care kit contains all the proper, sterile supplies needed to care for their pet's injury at home. Each kit contains 5 Antibiotic Ointment, 6 Alcohol Prep Pads, 5 Non-Woven Gauze Sponges, 5 Fabric Adhesive Strips, and 5 Fabric Spot Bandages. These materials will promote the quick healing of your pet's injury, while preventing bacteria and other material from infecting the wound.

Veterinary Tracheostomy Kit

Situations where Tracheostomys are necessary for pets can be painful and difficult to care for. Veterinary Tracheostomy Kits help soothe pat discomfort and allow for proper care of the trach site. The DUKAL Tracheostomy Care Kit comes complete with all necessary items for care and cleaning of the trach site including 1 Pair of Latex Free Gloves, 1 Trachea Tube Brush, 1 Waterproof Drape, 4 Non-Woven Sponges, 2 Pipe Cleaners 2 Cotton Tipped Applicators, 1 T-Drain Sponge, and 1 Twill Tape.

Veterinary Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings

Veterinary Transparent Semi-Permeable Dressings are the ideal dressing to care for a variety of pet injuries including minor burns and small wounds, as well as IV and vaccination sites. This unique dressing promotes healing by keeping out contamination and moisture. The high quality clear adhesive is strong enough for a good hold, but gentle against delicate and tender pet skin and hair.

Veterinary Wound Closure Strips

DUKAL offers the highest quality veterinary wound care closure strips, which are an excellent alternative to painful and invasive stitches and sutures. These wound closure strips are made of this, reinforced non-woven material that provide incision support and maintain wound closure. The proper closing of the wound ensures proper and quick healing. The adhesive backing is breathable and gentle against pet skin and hair.

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