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Types Of Wheelchairs

It can be difficult to choose your first wheelchair. It's important to select the proper wheelchair based on patient needs and abilities. Med Net Direct is here to help, offering important information regarding the different types of wheelchairs to aide patients and caregivers in the selection process.

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs are the most common type of wheelchairs. These wheelchairs feature two larger wheels in the back with ring handles so that patients can propel themselves, and two small wheels in the front. These chairs also have handles so that another person can push the wheelchair if necessary. These wheelchairs are ideal for number of patients. Patients who are recovering from surgery or have good upper body strength are good matches for these wheelchairs. Sometimes these wheelchairs can be heavy, and good muscle strength is required to self-propel in these chairs. Manual wheelchairs can be folded for easy transport or storage. These chairs usually feature adjustable foot rests as well.

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs are generally used by medical facilities to transport patients from room to room. These chairs are lightweight chairs that can easily be pushed by medical staff, and only feature four small wheels, not large wheels that can be self propelled. These chairs are generally made from aluminum or other lightweight material. These chairs are also ideal for people with only limited mobility issues, because they are lightweight and can be taken in and out of cars with ease, and are great for being pushed around areas that require lots of walking, such as parks, tourist attractions or shopping malls.

Power Wheelchairs

Power or electric chairs are the newest form of wheelchairs. These chairs are battery or electricity powered and are usually controlled by a joystick type device located on the handle of the chair. Some very advanced electric chairs can even be powered by breathing for those who are very physically limited. Electric or power chairs are best for patients who have severe physical disabilities, poor muscle strength, or other disabilities that do not allow for easy movement in a regular wheelchair. These types of chairs are becoming more common, and allow people who would be previously confined to bed rest the same mobility and independence that other wheelchair users have come to appreciate.

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