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Types Of Dog Treats

Dog Biscuits

Dog Biscuits are the most common type of dog treats. Traditional dog biscuits offer flavors such as vegetables, chicken, beef and other flavors your dog will savor. Dog biscuits are crunchy and come in various sizes dependent on your dog's weight. If you are training your pet, it might be best to buy the smallest size, as more treats may be used daily as your pet performs tasks correctly. You can also break larger dog biscuits into smaller pieces if you choose. Many dog biscuits also help keep dog's teeth clean.

Dog Chews

Dog chews are perfect for almost all types of dogs. There are many varieties of dog chew treats, from rawhides to large bones. Dog chews are treats that are usually given on a special occasion and last for a long time. Using dog chews is perfect if your dog is prone to chewing, as this will deflect his attention from your shoes or furniture to the chew bone. Dog chews make a helpful training aid for this purpose. Certain dog chews can also help promote dog dental health by keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Chewy Dog Treats

Chewy Dog Treats include many of the specialty treats for dogs, such as bacon strips, hot dog rolls, and other smaller wet dog treats. These dog treats generally have more flavors and dogs can eat several at a time. With these treats, it's important to not give to many because they have lots of calories. These treats do not often promote dental healthy as other dog treats do, so chewy dog treats should be used as more of a "treat". It's also important to select the proper size chewy dog treat so the treat is not to large or small for your pet. If a treat is too large or small, your pet may have hard time swallowing or digesting the treat.

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