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Types of Dog Dishes

If you have never owned a pet, or are in search of the perfect dog food dish, you know that the wide selection of dog dishes can be overwhelming. At MEDNET Direct, we too have a huge selection of dog dishes to choose from, but we broke down the basics of each type of dog dish to ensure you make the right selection for your pet.

Double Dog Food/Water Dishes

Double Dog Food and Water Dishes consist of one dish with two compartments, one for food and one for water. These types of dog dishes have been around for a long time, and are more ideal for smaller dogs. Often times, these double dog dishes simply do not hold enough food and water for a large dog. These types of dishes are also not suitable for messy eaters, as food and water can easily become mixed and become soggy. If you have a small dog, this is the dish for you. The lower height of this dish will allow small pets to easily eat and drink while keeping portions in tact.

Individual Dog Food & Water Dishes

Individual Dog Food and Water Dishes are great for almost any type of dog because there are so many sizes, colors and styles available. If this is the dog dish you choose, you will need one dish for dog food and one dish for dog water. These dishes are often made of plastic or metal and come in many different colors and even fun shapes and prints for those designer dogs. Individual dishes sometimes include a rubber bottom to prevent the dish from sliding on floors while your pet is dining. Since individual food dishes are available in many sizes, you'll be able to choose the proper height and depth dish for your pet. Large dogs will benefit from larger dishes, and smaller dogs can enjoy small sized dishes. If you have multiple pets, ensure each pet has their own set of dog dishes in the proper size.

Automatic Dog Feeders & Waterers

If you have multiple pets, or are gone for long periods of time, it might be wise to invest in an automatic dog feeder and dog waterer for your pet. These are many types of automatic pet dishes from the basic to elaborate. Automatic dog feeders and waterers will replenish your pet's food and water automatically, which ideal for pet owners who work long hours or can be gone at unexpected intervals. Automatic pet feeders also serve families with multiple pets because then pets can't eat each other's food. When the pet is ready to eat, the feeder will dispense food and water and stop when your pet is finished. Automatic waterers are also great for families with multiple pets because some automatic waterers constantly filter water and keep it fresh between feedings, ensuring your pet always has fresh, clean water.

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