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Types Of Cat Litter Boxes

There are numerous different types of cat litter boxes to choose from. In addition to a variety of standard cat litter boxes, cat litter boxes with domes and rims are also popular models. To help you choose which cat litter box is right for your cat, explore the differences and benefits of each type of cat litter box we offer in the MEDNET Pet Store.

Standard Cat Litter Boxes

Standard cat litter boxes are the most basic form of cat litter box you can buy for your cat. These cat litter boxes are ideal for non-messy cats and single cat owners. These litter boxes are available in different colors and depths to meet the needs of your cat. If you have multiple pets, it's best to have one liter box per cat. You may also want to invest in some cat litter mats to place around the litter box, in case some litter gets tracked out on your cat's paws. Having these protective measures will keep your floors free from hard to clean cat stains and odors.

Cat Litter Boxes With Domes

Cat litter boxes with domes are ideal for cats who enjoy their privacy. Some cats, especially if you have multiple cats, are very private animals and like to have their litter covered and protected from other animals. Domed litter boxes are quite effective at keeping out dogs also. The domed cover provides cats with privacy to do their business and also keeps litter and urine from being leaked onto the surrounding floor. If you have a male cat, having a domed litter box is a great way to prevent accidental sprays. The plastic dome coverings are easy to clean as well.

Cat Litter Boxes With Rims

Cat Litter Boxes with rims offer a step up from traditional cat litter pans. The base cat litter box with rims is simply a basic cat litter box with an additional plastic rim to help catch stray litter when cats scratch or spray. Cat litter box rims are available in different heights to accommodate even the messiest cats. Even if your cat is very neat when doing their business, having a rim will provide protection just in case your cat has an accident. Cat owners with messier cats should also utilize a cat litter mat to collect any mess outside the litter box with ease. Mats and rims are easy to clean, and help keep your flooring clean.

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