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Warning All Parents! Rx Drugs Are as Deadly as a Loaded Gun in the Home!
Face the Facts
1 in 5 teens has abused a prescription (Rx) pain medication
1 in 5 report abusing prescription stimulants & tranquilizers
1 in 10 has abused cough medicine
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The Original MedSafe
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MedSafe is a real safe constructed of virtually impenetrable 17 gauge steel & NOT made of cheap plastic.
Features a biometric fingerprint reader so contents are accessible only to the person who programs the safe.
No confusing combination locks or mechanical keys to lose.
MedSafe technology is proven: it has been used in the healthcare industry for years.
Kids abuse prescription drugs more than all other drugs combined.
Provides peace of mind for parents with real protection against prescription drug abuse.
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Medicine Cabinets are dangerous and contain prescriptions and over the counter medications that teens and young adults abuse more than illegal drugs such as heroine and cocaine.

Fact: In 2005, 2.1 million teens used prescription drug* Fact: More than 3 in 5 teens say that prescription pain relievers are easy to get from their parents’ medicine cabinets* Fact: Teens abuse prescription drugs be cause they believe that they provide a medically safe high*

More deaths result from Rx Drugs than guns in the United States, yet most prescription and over the counter drugs are left unattended in homes across the country.

Don’t rely on traditional locking medicine safes or even child proof caps to protect your family from the dangers of prescription and OTC drug abuse. Trust the MedSafe, exclusively from MedNet Direct.

The MedSafe is the most secure medicine safe on the market. The MedSafe is made from 17 gauge steel that features a biometric fingerprint reader, so its contents are accessible only to the parent or person who programs the safe. Medsafe is so smart, it can recognize you, so only YOU have access. Unlike similar plastic safes or lock-and-key boxes that can be easily tampered with, the MedSafe protects prescription drugs.

The biometric fingerprint technology of the MedSafe eliminates the hassle of recalling PIN numbers or passwords, and recognizes your identity in less than one second, for quick access for your medications when you need them. The MedSafe can hold up to 120 fingerprints, allowing access for everyone who needs it.

MedSafe technology has been proven and tested for 5 years in the healthcare industry, securing medications in doctors’ offices and hospitals nationwide. The MedSafe is also the number-one choice for gun enthusiasts and law enforcement officers to store handguns in the home, winning endorsements from the National Rifle Association and The Handgun Club of America.

MEDNET is proud to be the exclusive distributor of MedSafe, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Axius Healthcare Group. The MedSafe can accommode up to 8 prescription bottles, that provides peace of mind for parents, grandparents and caretakers. It also provides real protection against prescription drug abuse. MedSafe is ideal for homes, and anywhere prescription and over-the-counter medications are stored including daycares, schools, camps and more.

The MedSafe is not sold in stores! Order Your MedSafe from MedNet Direct today for only $199, get free and fast shipping and start keeping prescription and over the counter medications secure.

*Statistics taken from The Office Of National Drug Control, “Teens & Prescription Drugs: An Analysis of Recent Trends On Emerging Drug Threat”, Feb 2007.

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