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Medical Tape has a variety of uses within a medical facility and at home or school. Choose quality DUKAL medical tape to hold IVs in place and to secure gauze bandages or wound care items. Med Net Direct offers a full selection of tape for a multitude of needs, from cloth tape, paper tape, transparent tape and even waterproof tape. Selecting the appropriate medical tape for each need ensures proper wound care, and allows for pain free removal and minimal skin irritation.

Cloth Tape

Cloth medical tape is a necessity for proper medical care. Cloth tape serves a variety of functions from securing bandages, tube feeding, IVs, catheters and other medical devices. Cloth tape is easily torn from any direction for quick application, and is hypoallergenic and latex free for patient comfort and safety. The soft nature of cloth tape allows for a tight, secure fit.

Paper Tape

Paper tape is a great choice for securing medical dressings in place. DUKAL paper tape is made from quality material that is latex free and hypoallergenic to ensure patient comfort and safety. The special adhesive on paper tape is designed to stick to skin without causing a burning effect on removal. Paper tape is easy to tare, making medical dressings easy to change.

Transparent Tape

Transparent medical tape is made to DUKAL's high quality standards. Select transparent tape for a wide selection of medical uses within medical facilities, schools and even at home. Transparent tape designed to tare easily from any direction for quick and easy application.

Waterproof Tape

DUKAL waterproof tape is a necessity in the medical field. This high-quality medical waterproof tape is ideal for wound care. Waterproof tape easily adheres to gauze dressings and the skin while repelling fluids to ensure the medical dressing stays in place. Choose waterproof tape to ensure proper wound care and closure.

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