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DUKAL Quality is offered in a number of Specialty Surgical Dressings that meet and exceed user expectations. Our emphasis is on the construction and packaging to offer you the right product for each application.

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Surgical Dressings, Sponges & Towels

Med Net Direct offers a full selection of the highest quality DUKAL surgical dressings, sponges and towels. Use the proper surgical dressing, sponge or towel for each injury to ensure patient safety and comfort. Surgical dressings, sponges and towels have a variety of use in the operating room, so be sure to have enough surgical dressings, sponges and towels on hand in your medical facility.

Kittner Dissectors

Be sure to keep a supply of Kittner Dissectors on hand in your operating room. These quality kittner dissectors have many uses, and are a better alternative to mesh gauze. Kittner dissectors are made of 100% x-ray detectable woven cotton gauze for use in the OR.

Cherry Sponges

Similar to peanut sponges, cherry sponges are ideal for surgical procedures where precise sponging is required. The small design of cherry sponges allows the user to sponge in small areas effectively. DUKAL Cherry Sponges are made of high quality 100% woven cotton material that is x-ray detectable for use in the operating room. These cherry sponges are carefully folded to eliminate rough or jagged edges, to provide patient comfort. For all your delicate surgical procedures, choose quality DUKAL cherry sponges.

Flat Stick Sponges

Choose these non-sterile DUKAL flat stick sponges for multiple operating room uses. All DUKAL specialty surgical sponges are made from quality 100% cotton woven gauze to provide maximum absorbency and patient comfort. DUKAL flat stick sponges are ideal for surgical procedures, because the gauze is x-ray detectable.

Laparotomy Sponges

These DUKAL pre-washed cotton laparotomy sponges are designed to provide superior absorbency. These lap sponges are made from tightly woven cotton to minimize lose threads and un-weaving. Our high quality lap sponges are available in sterile and non sterile varieties to meet your surgical needs. Each lap sponge is x-ray detectable.

O.R. Towels

Every operating room needs a supply of sterile O.R. Towels. Med Net Direct offers top quaility DUKAL O.R. Towels in three colors, blue, green and white. Each O.R. Towel is sterile and has a unique corner fold for an aseptic presentation into a sterile O.R. environment. Keep you patients comfortable and protected in the O.R. with DUKAL O.R Towels.

Peanut Sponges

Similar to cherry sponges, these small specialty peanut sponges are designed for precise surgical procedures. Peanut sponges are smaller than cherry sponges, for an even more exact sponging need. Each peanut sponge is made from soft 100% cotton material, carefully folded to prevent rough edges. These specialty peanut sponges are x-ray detectable for surgical use.

Prep Sponges

Properly prep your patients for surgery with quality surgical prep sponges. These quality DUKAL prep sponges are made from 100% non-sterile, cotton, x-ray detectable gauze for a variety of uses in the operating room. Keep your patients properly cared for before their surgical procedure with quality DUKAL prep sponges.

Round Stick Sponges

Round Stick surgical sponges have a variety of uses within the scope of the operating room. Utilize these all purpose round stick or section sponges to keep your patients comfortable while undergoing surgery. These quality DUKAL surgical sponges are made 100% x-ray detectable woven cotton gauze for surgical use.

Section Sponges

Choose our quality DUKAL section sponges for multiple operating room uses. Med Net Direct carries sterile burn gauze pads and 4 ply packing gauze. All of our section surgical sponges are made from 100% cotton woven gauze that is x-ray detectable. Our section sponges are specially designed for use in the operating room.

Tonsil Sponges

DUKAL Tonsil Sponges stand for quality. These tonsil sponges are composed of double strung 100% woven cotton gauze for added absorbency and easy removal. These specialty surgical sponges are also 100% x-ray detectable to ensure maximum visibility. Choose DUKAL tonsil sponges for use in the operating room.

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