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DUKAL Quality is offered in a number of Specialty Dressings that meet and exceed user expectations. Our emphasis is on the construction and packaging to offer you the right product for each application.

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Specialty Dressings

DUKAL specialty dressings are essential medical supplies to have on hand for any emergency. High-quality DUKAL specialty dressings include a range of products designed for specific injuries. Select from eye pads, pressure dots, and transparent specialty dressings to properly care for every injury.

ABD Pads

ABD pads are the perfect dressing for large wounds. High quality DUKAL ABD pads are highly absorbent and provide superior padding and protection for large or bleeding wounds. Each container contains 400 ABD Pads to ensure you have enough medical supplies on hand to care for every patient. These large packages also ensure you will have enough ABD pads on hand to change wound dressings as needed.

Emergency Pressure Dressing

For every emergency, choose DUKAL Emergency Pressure Dressings. These sterile emergency pressure dressings are made from highly absorbent non-woven gauze to provide protection for a variety of wounds. Emergency pressure dressing are available in pads and dots for your convenience and medical needs. Use emergency pressure dressing pads with a bandage roll or on their own. Dots are great for applying pressure to an insertion site.

Eye Pads

Select DUKAL Oval Eye Pads for all your eye care needs. These oval eye pads are shaped to gently cover the eye area, and are made of 100% soft cotton covered by soft mesh for a smooth, comforting feel. These sterile eye pads are individually wrapped for your convenience. Give your patients the gentle care they seek for their eye injuries with quality DUKAL eye pads.

Non-Adherent Pads

Non-adherent pads are the ideal specialty dressing for any wound care. These non-adherent pads are highly absorbent, but do not stick to the wound, promoting quick healing. The non stick design of these pads allows for less painful changing of the dressing. DUKAL non-adherent pads are sterile and individually wrapped for added convenience.

Post Op Sponges

For any post op care, choose specialty post op sponges. These sponges contain multiple absorbent layers to quickly absorb any excess fluid more quickly than single sponges. Post op sponges are sterile and made from soft gauze to provide the patient with maximum comfort.

Pressure Dots

For applying pressure to an insertion site or wound, choose specialty DUKAL pressure dots. These high-quality pressure dots are made from sterile non-woven gauze to promote patient comfort and quick healing. Med Net Direct's DUKAL Pressure dots are sphere shaped and individually packaged for added convenience.

Top Sponges

Top sponges are a versatile choice in specialty dressings. High quality DUKAL top sponges are designed with multiple highly absorbent layers to promote quick healing. Keep a supply of top sponges on hand to properly and quickly provide proper treatment for any injury.

Trauma Dressing

Choose multi-purpose DUKAL Trauma Dressings to care for critical injuries. This sterile trauma dressing is designed for quick absorbency to prevent the pooling of liquid. Trauma dressing contains multiple layers of absorbent material, to absorb more fluid than traditional sponges. Select DUKAL trauma dressing for all of your patients trauma care.

Emergency Dressings & Blankets

For the emergency treatment of burns, fractures and minor wounds, choose Med Net Direct's quality DUKAL Emergency Dressings and Bkankets. Our multi-trauma dressing is made of quality and absorbent non-woven material for the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Multi-trauma emergency dressings are ideal for a multitude of injury care and comfort.

Retention Dressing Tape

To hold all of your specialty dressings in place, look no further then quality Dynarex Retention Dressing Tape. Retention dressing tape is made of soft non-woven material for a flexible and easy fit. The adhesive backing is water resistant to ensure placement and painless removal. Retention dressing tape is ideal for securing all of your specialty dressings.

View Guard Transparent Dressings

For a breathable dressing that promotes healing, select Med Net Direct's View Guard Transparent Dressings. This specialty dressing is easy to apply, and conforms to the body and wound to ensure a proper fit. The design of View Guard Transparent Dressings protects the wound from outside vapors and moisture, but lets air in to promote fast healing.

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