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Small Animal Care

Welcome to the Small Animal Care Collection at the MEDNET Pet Store. Here you will find a large collection of name brand products to care for all your small pets including reptiles, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits and more. You'll find everything from small animal food to small animal environmental products to small animal care grooming products. No matter what you need to help care for your small animal, we have it at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Alfalfa Products

Alfalfa products provide great nutrition for many small animals including rabbits, hamsters and gerbils. The alfalfa products include key nutrients essential for healthy small animals. Find everything from Meadow Mix, Hay and a variety of dried fruit treats. The dried fruit treats include dried apples, bananas, carrots and papayas. For all your small animal food and treat needs, use nutritious alfalfa products from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Habitat Backgrounds

Make your small animal's cage a fun place to be with our great selection of habitat backgrounds. You'll find cool rocks, climbing pieces and plants to place in your pet's cage, making it more like their natural environment. By providing these habitat pieces, your pet can play, hide, sleep and live in peace. These habitat backgrounds are great for reptiles, snakes, rabbits and other small animal habitats.

Hamster Module Accessories

Hamster Module accessories are essential for any active hamster's cage. Your hamster will enjoy our collection of fun colored tubes, tunnels and other play objects such as he popular hamster wheel for years to come. By having these hamster module accessories in your hamster's cage your hamster will live a long and active lifestyle, having many places to play, hide and rest. For all your hamster module needs, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store.

Hamster Modules

Create a perfect module or environment with out selection of hamster modules. The MEDNET Pet Store has everything you need to design your hamster's cage. We have plastic hamster cages, accessories, burrowing material, food and water dishes and all the other items you need to create the proper hamster environment for your pet. Your hamster will love the fun and colorful cages and accessories for he or she to play with all day, everyday.

Parts - Small Animal Equipment

Our selection of small animal parts and equipment are necessary for your small animal cages. The MEDNET Pet Store has everything you need from cage locks, cleaners, and suction cups to hold food and water dishes in place. These items are essential for any pet's cage whether your pet is a hamster, bunny, snake or hermit crab. Be sure to keep your pet's cage safe and secure with our small animal equipment.

Reptile Bedding

Different types of reptiles require different type of bedding, or cage material. We have all the different types of reptile bedding for your reptile cages. Whether you have a lizard, snake, frog or other reptile, shop our name brand selection of reptile bedding. Included in our selection is frog moss, wood chips, walnut bedding, coconut husk bedding, coconut fiber bedding and other terrarium flora that reptiles love.

Reptile Fluorescent Bulbs

Keep your reptile environment at the proper temperature with the proper reptile cage lighting. Many reptile environments require special fluorescent bulbs that radiate heat as well as light to keep your reptile happy. Many reptiles need to keep light and heat at a certain level to maintain their skin and health. Be sure to select the correct fluorescent bulbs to keep your reptile environment at a safe temperature.

Reptile Gauges

In addition to the proper fluorescent bulbs you will need to have a reptile gauge that will properly read the temperature of the cage. This is necessary for pet owners to know when to increase or decrease the temperature in the reptile cage. Frequent changes in temperature or a broken gauge can cause health problems for your reptile due to an improperly maintained environment. Ensure your reptile is kept healthy with the proper reptile cage gauges.

Reptile Heaters

In addition to being well lit, if the fluorescent bulbs to not keep your reptile environment at the proper level a reptile heater can be effective. The heater can more quickly heat or cool a reptile environment if it necessary to change the temperature quickly. The heater can also be programmed, similar to a home thermostat, to keep your reptile cage at the proper temperature during the day, or during the changing seasons.

Reptile Incandescent Bulb

Certain types of reptiles require the use of incandescent bulbs in their cage as opposed to reptile fluorescent bulbs. The incandescent bulbs typically give off more heat than fluorescent bulbs, so be sure to monitor the temperature changes within the cages. The incandescent bulbs are available in many different colors such as red, blue and others to meet the needs of certain reptiles and to mirror the outdoor color changes that are found in real reptile environments.

Reptile Medications

When it comes time to purchase medication for your reptile, the best value is MEDNET Direct's Pet Store because we offer wholesale pricing you won't get at your vet's office. When your reptile is ill, trust MEDNET for all your reptile medication needs, from minor skin problems to severe illnesses, we have most types of reptile medications. We even have general reptile medication for certain symptoms and other common reptile problems.

Reptile Vitamins & Supplements

As with humans, reptiles need vitamins and supplements to stay healthy and prevent sickness. At the MEDNET Pet Store you'll find all kind of reptile vitamins and supplements for your reptile. By ordering at MEDNET's wholesale prices, you'll save lots on your reptile vitamins and supplements compared to vet office pricing. Reptile vitamins provide your reptile with extra nutrients that they don't get enough of in food. Using reptile vitamins will help promote a healthy reptile.v

Screen Covers

Keep your small pet from escaping it's habitat with habitat screen covers. Our collection of small animal screen covers includes screen covers for rabbit, reptile, hamster, gerbil and other small animal habitats. The screen covers are ideal for small animal habitats because the screen deters animals from climbing out of the cage, and the screen allows air to properly circulate in the cage. Different size screen covers are available for many different tank and cage sizes, to ensure your pet is safe inside their cage.

Small Animal Apparel

While dog clothing and cat clothing are gaining popularity, small animal clothing is also moving up the ranks. At the MEDNET Pet store you'll find one of the largest online collections of small animal apparel. Dress your small animal for the occasion with small animal clothing including sweaters, coats, t-shirts and other apparel designed to fit your small animal.

Small Animal Bedding

Every small animal's habitat requires bedding for the cage bottom. MEDNET Direct offers a full line of small animal bedding for reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, lizards and most other types of small pets. Small animal bedding should be bought in bulk because it needs to be cleaned and changed frequently to promote a healthy pet environment. For all your small animal bedding needs, look no further than the MEDNET Direct Pet Store.

Small Animal Books - Generic

If you are a first time small animal owner, or are just looking for some more information about your pet, check out the selection of small animal books at MEDNET Direct. We offer books about all types of small animals, and how to care for them. Some books contain more general information about the animal, while others contain detailed care needs and helpful training tips. Be a responsible and knowledgeable pet owner with small animal books.

Small Animal Books - Species

MEDNET Direct offers a full line of informational books about many types of small animals, how to care for them, how to train them and how to groom small animals. With our small animal books about small pets such as hamsters, lizards, reptiles, gerbils and rabbits, you'll learn about their grooming needs, how to stock their cage, how to properly feed them and much more. When you are an informed small animal owner, you and your pet will be happier because your animal will be properly cared for.

Small Animal Cages

No matter what type of small pet you have, it's essential to have a proper small animal cage for them. Small animal cages are their homes, and you need to be sure to clean it regularly. Small animal cages should have ample room for the proper amount of bedding, food dishes, toys and other items needed for your pet. Cages come in different sizes for different animals such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and reptiles. Keep your pet safe inside their small animal cage.

Small Animal Carriers & Traps

When you are transporting your pet whether it is to the vet or just to clean their habitat, make sure you place them in an animal carrier or trap. These pet essentials will help keep your pet safe while you clean their cage, or travel with them. Small animal carriers and traps have air vents and ample space for your pet to be comfortable. By keeping your pet in a small animal carrier or trap while not in their cage, you will prevent them from running away or doing something they they should not.

Small Animal Chews

Dogs and Cats are not the only animals who like treats and chews. Reward your small pet with MEDNET's specialty small animal chews. These small animal chews are available in many varieties depending on the type of pet you have, whether it is a reptile, hamster, gerbil or rabbit. Chew treats are also great training aids and come in delicious flavors your pet is sure to appreciate. For all your small animal treats choose the MEDNET Pet Store.

Small Animal Collar & Leads

No matter what type of animal you have, it's important to have a small animal collar and lead. At the MEDNET Pet store you will find an assortment of colorful or patterned small animal collars and leads. We have collars and leads for all small animals to use when they are not safely in their environment, including rabbits, lizards, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils and other pets. With a small animal collar or lead, you can travel with your pet to the pet store, the vet, or vacation with the knowledge that they will not run off. Also use collars and leads to keep track of your pet while you clean their habitat.

Small Animal Dishes

If you have had small pets before you know that small animals need specialized food and water dishes. At the MEDNET Pet Store you'll find all the small animal dishes you need to accommodate your small pet. We stock food and water dishes for all species of small pets including gerbils, hamsters, lizards, reptiles and even rabbits. Shop traditional small pet dishes or hanging bottles that eliminate accidental spillage.

Small Animal Feeders

Small animal feeders are a great alternative to traditional small animal food and water dishes. With small animals, feeders are ideal because habitat bedding will not accidentally mix in with food dishes. Using feeders will also eliminate the waste of food and water due to spillage. Food and water spillages can occur easily with caged animals, as when animals run and play, dishes can be bumped and knocked over. Eliminate this problem with a small animal feeder. Feeders keep food and water fresh, while keeping pet environments cleaner. Feeders are available in many sizes depending on how large or small your pet is.

Small Animal Food - Bulk

Feed your small animal well by purchasing your small animal food in bulk. Purchasing your pet food at bulk prices will ensure you never run out of food, and save money. The MEDNET Pet Store now stocks a full variety of pet food for all small animals such as rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, gerbils and other small pets. We have both dry and wet pet food available, depending on the dietary needs and preferences of your pet. Purchasing pet food in bulk is especially ideal for families with multiple pets, or pet businesses such as kennels, veterinarians and groomers.

Small Animal Food - Packaged

If your pet isn't a heavy eater or just likes their food super fresh, try MEDNET's selection of packaged small animal food. Small animal food is available in small packages for all varieties of small pets including rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, reptiles and more. Buying smaller packages of food for your pet is ideal if your pet eats food that will spoil after storage, or households with just one pet. Packaged small animal food ensures freshness and will provide tasty, nutritious meals for your pet.

Small Animal Grooming Aids

Many grooming businesses only groom dogs and cats, therefore making it difficult and costly to locate a groomer that grooms small, less common pets. With the full collection of small animal grooming tools and aids, you can groom your small pet in the comfort of your own home. We have all the grooming aids you will need to help you learn to groom your pet effectively. Shop the MEDNET Pet Store for all your rabbit, gerbil, hamster and reptile grooming aids.

Small Animal Grooming Tools

Small Animals require special grooming tools to ensure their hair and skin is groomed properly. The MEDNET Pet Store has a variety of small pet grooming tools for all types of small pets including reptiles, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. You'll find small animal brushes and combs, breed specific shampoos and products to properly condition and clean reptile skin. With these grooming tools, you'll save tons on groomer visits and you won't have to disrupt your pet's schedule and environment in the process.

Small Animal Habitats

Small animals require appropriate habitats and cages for survival. The MEDNET Pet Store has everything you need to create a proper habitat for your pet. We have the proper cages for hamsters, gerbils and rabbits along with tanks for reptiles. You'll also find all the necessary habitat accessories, such as bedding, backgrounds, rocks, temperature controllers and more to maintain your pet's habitat. Tanks and cages are available in different sizes, depending on how many pets you have and the size of your pets.

Small Animal Harness & Muzzles

While you may love your small pet, your small pet may scare other pets or people in public. Having a small animal muzzle and leash will help ensure your pet and others have a pleasant experience in public places such as vets, airports and pet stores. A small pet muzzle will help keep your pet from biting or making noise at other animals or people. The harness and leash will help you transport your pet safely and ensures you are in control of your pet at all times.

Small Animal Honey Sticks

Small animal honey sticks are a delicious way to show your small pet how much you love them. The MEDNET Pet Store is full of small pet treats including honey sticks to reward and praise your pet. Shop our selection of small pet treats and honey sticks for rabbits, gerbils, reptiles, and hamsters. Every pet treat and honey stick is full of nutritious snacks in great flavors your pet is sure to love.

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