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Selecting The Best Dog Products

Different Breeds Of Dogs require different products. Find everything you need to care for your dog at MEDNET's Pet Store. With over 12,000 pet care products in stock, use our guide to help you select the right pet care products for your dog. We have everything you need to care for your dog, including dog toys, dog foods, dog training products, dog grooming products and more.

Dog Training Methods: Puppy Pads vs. Crate Training

Learn how to effectively train your new dog using Puppy Pads & Dog Crates! Puppy Pads & Dog Crates are the 2 best methods of dog training, and both products are available wholesale at MEDNET Direct.

Which Puppy Pads Are Right For Me?

Let MEDNET Direct help you decide which puppy pads are right for your pet. Disposable and Washable Puppy Pads are both great ways to potty train your pet and both are available in the MEDNET Pet Store!

Types Of Dog Dishes

There are many types of dog dishes available to meet the needs of your pet. For new pet owners, it can be difficult to choose the correct dog dish. This section will cover the basics of the main types of dog dishes to help you choose the proper dish for your dog.

Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming may seem like a tedious chore, but with the proper dog grooming tools, grooming your pet is easy. Follow these tips for proper pet grooming at home!

Rubber Dog Toys vs. Plush Dog Toys

Ever wonder if rubber dog toys or plush dog toys are right for your pet? In this section you will learn about how each type of dog toy will benefit your best friend.

10 Essentials For A New Puppy

Whether you are a first time dog owner, or just need to know what you need before you bring your new puppy home; learn about the 10 Essentials For A New Puppy at MEDNET Direct. We have over 12,000 name brand pet products to help you care for your pet.

Types Of Dog Treats

There are so many types of dog treats on the market today that a pet owner can be overwhelmed. At the MEDNET Pet Store, we offer many types of dog treats to help you train and reward your pet. It's important for pet owners to choose the right type of pet treat for their dog, depending on their health and nutritional needs. Plus, some pets are just choosy about their treats.

Dog Carriers For Traveling

Whether you travel with your pet on long trips or just to the vet or park, be sure to invest in a dog carrier. Learn why using a dog carrier is vital to your pet's safety while on the go.

Selecting Dog Grooming/Care Products

Make sure your puppy or dog is taken good care of with MEDNET's pet care products. We have everything you need to keep your dog healthy and happy. Learn how to choose the proper pet care and grooming products for your new dog or puppy.

Dog Flea And Tick Prevention

Dog flea and ticks can be dangerous to your pet's health as well as the health of other pets. Learn how you can prevent fleas and ticks from infecting your dog and check out our selection of trusted dog flea and tick products.

Selecting Dog Toys

Choosing the proper dog toys for your new dog can be difficult. It is important to ensure your dog has the proper toys to combat negative behavior, such as chewing. It is also important to have the proper size toy to prevent your puppy or dog from choking. MEDNET can help you choose the right toy for your dog.

Selecting Dog Training Products

MEDNET Direct offers the best dog training products on the market, including our bestselling Puppy Pads. Learn which dog training products are right for your dog at MEDNET Direct and teach your puppy or dog to do just about anything.

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