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Selecting Dog Toys

Whether you are a first time dog owner, or are getting a breed of dog you never had before, it is important to know which dog toys are best for your new pet.

Before you bring your new puppy home, you should do some research on the breed of dog you are getting, because some dog breeds are prone to certain behaviors such as chewing that can be helped with the proper chew toys.

Small dogs, such as bishons, and chihuahuas and poodles often enjoy soft toys with squeakers. Many dog chew toys have different sizes, so small dogs can easily play with chew toys that will easily fit inside their mouth. It's important to select the right-sized toy for your dog to ensure that it does not choke on a toy that is too small.

When giving your dog toys with squeakers, monitor your pets' use of the toy, as some dogs chew the squeaker out of the toy after much use. Once this occurs, you should throw the toy away to ensure your pet does not choke on the small pieces.

Larger breeds of dogs, such as labs and retrievers enjoy toys such as tug ropes and larger sized tennis balls. Some large dogs also enjoy stuffed animals as toys. When you have a large dog, ensure the toys your purchase are large enough for your pet to play with without choking or swallowing toy parts.

If you are still unsure about which dog toys are best for your pet, a simple tennis ball and chewing bone are always great for any breed of dog.

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