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Selecting Cat Training Products

When it comes time to train your cat, look no further than the MEDNET Direct Pet Store for the highest quality, effective cat training products.

Cats are independent pets, and there is not much you can actually teach them, they just sort of adapt to your home and it's occupants. But the one essential thing you need to teach cats is how to properly use their litter box and to not stray away if they are outdoor cats.

MEDNET Direct's Pet store has every variety of cat litter and types of cat litter boxes you can imagine, so you will have everything you need to properly train your cat. We have many different types of cat litter boxes including shallow litter boxes, deep litter boxes and covered litter boxes depending on the preference of your cat or cats. Families with multiple cats should invest in multiple litter boxes, because some cats are very territorial about their litter.

To litter train your cat, you'll want to fill the litter box with about 1-2 inches of litter. MEDNET has a variety of cat litter to choose from. Place the litter box in an out of the way area to give your cat some privacy. It's also important not to move the litter box around, your cat will get used to it's place and may break training if you move the litter box. Simply place your cat in the litter box and dig the cat's front paws in the litter to let the cat know this is where they should be going. Your cat will quickly catch on. Also, when you notice the cat using the litter box, giving it praise for doing so.

As a cat owner there are a few things that make litter box training easier. You'll want to invest in a cat poop scoop to help keep litter clean. Scooping is important, especially if you have multiple cats, because cats will tend to not use the litter box if it is extremely dirty. Scooping will also make the litter last longer between full litter changes. Cat litter box liners are also great tools for easy litter changing.

If you have an outdoor cat, you'll also need to train the cat to stay within specific boundaries you set in your home. You can do this by purchasing MEDNET's boundary spray for cats, a unique product to help cats from running far away from home. You can also take your cat outside on a leash and collar or harness until it learns your boundaries.

Help get a purrfectly trained cat with help from MEDNET's selection of high quality cat training products.

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