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Selecting Cat Grooming and Cat Care Products

Many cats do not like to be given baths, but they do like to be brushed! When caring for your cat, you know the importance of choosing quality products. At the MEDNET Direct Pet Store you'll find a large selection of specialty cat grooming and care products to help maintain your cat's good health.

All cats, but especially long-haired cats need to be brushed frequently to maintain a healthy coat and to help eliminate shedding on your furniture. Choose from a wide variety of specialty cat brushes, cat combs and even gloved brushes to make grooming your cat an enjoyable experience for both you and your feline friend.

Outdoor cats will require more shampooing than indoor cats because they are exposed to more elements and possibly fleas and ticks. MEDNET carries several name brand Cat Shampoos and Flea and Tick Shampoos and Powders for Cats. Pet owners should always keep a supply of Flea and Tick products on hand in case your pet gets infected. Fleas and Ticks can easily be passed between your pets, so it's important to safeguard all your pets if one should become infected.

While many indoor cats are de-clawed and utilizing cat scratching posts can keep a cat's nails at an appropriate lengths, nail clipping can still be necessary. Purchase a pair of specialty cat nail clippers for your cat's nails. Our cat nail clippers are designed to effectively trim cat's unique nails without hurting the cat.

Another important aspect of cat health is the proper nutrition. At MEDNET's Pet Store we have a full line of cat foods including dry cat food, wet cat food and specialty cat foods for cats with special dietary requirements. Specialty cat food also includes food for kittens, active cats, older cats and indoor cats. Make sure your cat is getting the proper nutrition with help from MEDNET and your vet.

Finally, make sure your cat has a properly fitting collar which will help keep it safe if it ever strays far from home, and can help you properly hold your cat in place while grooming, bathing and brushing.

For all your cat care needs, select the best cat care products from MEDNET's Pet Store.

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