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Positioning ProductsWheelchair Cushions, Gel Overlay Mattress, Gell Positioning Inserts & Bladders for pressure reducing therapeutic support.
Made in the USA.
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Seating & Positioning Products

MedNet offers top quality in comfort for your wheelchair. The COMFA-GEL Wheelchair Cushion is perfect whether your condition is temporary or chronic. MedNet knows that comfort is a necessity when prolonged seating is involved. The self-leveling, self-adjusting cushion's are designed to minimize bottoming out, reduce pressure, and provide an extremely stable and comfortable seating surface. Our Seating and Positioning products are available in several sizes and with extra seat padding. Trust MedNet to meet all of your wheelchair and seating needs.

COMFA-GEL Wheelchair Cushions COMFA-GEL Overlay Mattress
Designed for use by those with a temporary or chronic condition that requires prolonged seating and increased risk of pressure ulcers or for use by those who experience discomfort when seated due to arthritis, lower back pain, or other conditions.
This premium support surface offers outstanding comfort and pressure reduction. Constructed of 3 pieces of foam this self-leveling, self-adjusting cushion's design minimizes bottoming out, reduces pressure.

COMFA-GEL Wheelchair Cushions

Comfa-Gel Wheelchair cushions are designed to provide maximum comfort for those in a wheelchair. These wheelchair cushions are tear-resistant, fire-retardant, and contain an antibacterial to provide added safety. In addition to providing comfort and added safety, these wheelchair cushions are self-adjusting and self-leveling for easy usage.

COMFA-GEL Overlay Mattress

Comfa-Gel Mattress overlays provide patients with added comfort to uncomfortable hospital beds and nursing facility beds. These mattress overlays also are ideal for the pressure relief, due to the egg-carton design. The foam material of comfa-gel mattress overlays is comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

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