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Rubber Dog Toys vs. Plush Dog Toys

Rubber Dog Toys vs. Plush Dog Toys

Rubber Dog Toys

Rubber Dog Toys offer many options for your dog's playtime. Rubber Dog Toys are durable and flexible, making them easy for dogs to chew and play. Every rubber dog toy is also weather resistant, making them perfect for indoor and outdoor play. People with children will benefit from rubber dog toys because they are easy to clean which is great if your children will be playing with your dog, or accidentally put the dog toys in their mouths.

The MEDNET Pet Store offers a ton of Rubber Dog Toys for your dog's enjoyment. You can choose from fun rubber balls great for playing catch indoors our outdoors. There are also rubber dog treat balls than can be filled with dog treats, creating a fun game for your pet. Rubber dog toys are also available in many shapes dogs will love, like bones, bacon, and other shapes. Some rubber dog toys also have squeakers and other small parts, so you will have to monitor that your dog does not accidentally remove these components. If your pet does remove a squeaker from any toy, throw the squeaker away immediately as it poses a choking hazard to your dog and your small children. Many rubber dog toys are available without squeakers too, if this is a concern.

Plush Dog Toys

Plush Dog Toys are another popular type of dog toy. Plush Dog Toys are great for most dog breeds and are safe for homes with small children. Most plush dog toys are very similar to child's stuffed animals, making plush dog toys perfect for homes with young children. Plush dog toys are perfect for dogs who don't like to chew, as plush can be torn easily, resulting in a room covered in stuffing!

Plush Dog Toys do not usually contain squeakers allowing for a safe playing experience. Many sizes of plush dog toys are available, so be sure to choose a toy that is not too large or to small for your pet. Our name brand collection of plush toys includes many shapes, including plush dog balls, plush stuffed animals such as sheep, pigs and cows, along with stuffed dog bones and other fun shapes.

Another benefit of plush dog toys is that the plush helps keep dog's teeth clean! Dental health is a important factor in a dog's well being, and using plush toys helps keep your dog's teeth healthy. The softness of plush dog toys makes them perfect for indoor use, which is great for apartment and condo dogs, who don't have fenced in yards to play in. These toys also won't break objects in your home if you are playing catch inside.

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