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Pet Care

Welcome To The New MEDNET Pet Store! For years we have been the number one seller of Puppy Pads, and expanded that product line to include eco-friendly Washable Puppy Pads. Now, we have expanded again to include over 12,000 name brand Pet Care Products for all types of pets, so you can get all of your pet care supplies purchased at the same time. Our Pet Care line includes name brand dog care products, cat care products, bird care products, fish care products, and small animal care products for other pets including reptiles, gerbils and other pets all at wholesale prices! Now at MEDNET Direct you'll find pet food, pet toys, pet grooming supplies, pet medications and everything else you need to care for your pet.

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Back Booster-The Ultimate Portable Lumbar Support!! Sterile Gauze Sponge Non-Sterile Gauze Sponge Cotton Balls, Non-Sterile
Wet Wipes, 9" x 13" Alcohol Prep Pads Sofnit Washable Underpads 300 17 x 24 DOGGY TRAINING PEE PEE CHUX PUPPY PADS
300 17 x 24 Doggy Training Pee Pee Chux Puppy Pads
Case Price $49.95
Sale Price: $39.99

Puppy Pads

As many of our loyal customers know, our Best Puppy Pads are the bestselling puppy pad on the market today with over 10 million sold. Puppy pads are the perfect way to help potty train your pet. Our Puppy Pads are available in bulk packaging, with free shipping. Our Puppy Pads come in sizes ranging from extra small to extra extra large to accommodate pet needs, or multiple pets in your home. Each Puppy Pad, even the smallest size can hold up to one full cup of water, and has a plastic edging and barrier to prevent leaks! Keep your carpet clean, and train your pet with out Best Puppy Pads.

Washable Puppy Pads

Washable Puppy Pads are the newest puppy pad in our Puppy Pad line. These washable puppy pads offer the same great protection and potty training skills as our disposable puppy pads, but can be reused. Our washable puppy pads are eco-friendly, the washable design is made to withstand over 200 washes, contributing less waste into landfills. Our eco-frienldy washable puppy pads are designed for the more eco-conscious pet owners, and are one of the greenest pet products on the market. Our Washable Puppy Pads were even featured in the 2010 Earth Day In Hollywood Gift Bag. This celebrity gift bag was full of eco-friendly products, such as our puppy pads, and sent to eco-minded celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, Sting and more. Go Green and train your pet with MEDNET's washable puppy pads.

Dog Care

In addition to our bestselling Puppy Pads and Washable Puppy Pads, the MEDNET Pet Store carries a full line of name brand Dog Care Products. Here you will find everything you need for your dog at every stage of life, from puppy to senior. We have many different dog toys, dog foods, and dog treats to choose from. We also have a wide selection of dog beds, dog training aids, such as dog crates, dog leashes, and other training supplies. The Dog Care line also includes essentials for every dog owner, such as dog ID tags, dog flea and tick products, dog grooming supplies and everything else you need to properly care for your dog.

Cat Care

Cat owners know that cats require many products to help live a quality life. When it comes time to care for your cat, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store. Here, you'll find a plethora of cat care products that you will need to care for your cat. We have everything for every cat from kittens to senior cats. Find specialty cat foods, cat treats, cat toys, cat grooming tools, cat flea and tick products along with every cat litter product under the sun. We also have stylish and fun cat collars and cat leashes for outdoor cats, as well as cat carriers, cat cages, cat beds, cat dental products and more.

Bird Care

Pet birds can be difficult to care for without the proper products. At the MEDNET Pet Store we carry a large selection of all types of bird care products that can be used to care for all types of indoor birds. We offer products just for birds including bird food, bird seeds, bird gravel, bird cages, bird grooming supplies and much more. If you are a first time bird owner, or just want to learn more about your feathered friends, you'll find a great selection of bird books filled with information, training tips and more. When it's time for your bird to play, be sure to check out our selection of bird toys. You'll find all this and more in our Bird Care section.

Fish Care

Caring for and maintaining a proper aquatic fish tank, with fresh or saltwater, requires the proper products. Keep your fish living long with MEDNETís full line of Fish Care products. In our Pet Store youíll find everything you need to properly maintain your fish tank environment, including cleaning supplies, algae removers, rock pebbles and other fish tank decorations. To care for your fish, we have a variety of fish food products to care for all fish, both freshwater and saltwater varities. Also be sure to check out our supply of fish health products that can help kill bacteria in your tank to keep your fish healthy.

Pet Care Brands

In the MEDNET Pet Store we offer 12,000 pet products from 9 of the top pet care brands. Our collection of pet care products includes pet care products for dogs, cats, birds, fish and other small animals from top brands including 8 in 1 Pet Products, Flexi Pet Products, Front Line Pet Products, Nature's Miracle Pet Products, Nylabone Pet Products, Sunthing Special Pet Products, Tera Pet Products and Vitakraft Pet Products all at wholesale prices. You can shop by brand or by pet type at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Small Animal Care

Small animals can be difficult to care for, but MEDNET has everything you need to care for any small pet you may have. Our pet store includes products for many small animals from hamsters, gerbils, and even reptiles. We have everything you need to properly feed these small pets and a variety of small pet toys too! Get everything you need to maintain small pet cages and enclosures as well as properly sized food dishes and water tanks for your pets to feed on. Whatever you need for your small pet, youíre sure to find at the MEDNET pet store.


In addition to normal pet care products, our line of Veterinary products are ideal for vet offices, breeders and other professional pet care services that require these special products. Our Veterinary line includes high-quality pet medical, dental and care products to help treat pet injuries, pet illnesses and other pet problems. By purchasing your Veterinary Care products wholesale at MEDNET Direct, you'll be able to pass your savings down to your clients, making pet care more affordable for each party involved. A Pet should never not get the care it needs due to a owners inability to pay. Help care for your pets for less at the MEDNET Pet Store.

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