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Pet Care Brands

Looking for a specific pet product made by your favorite pet brand? You'll find it here at the MEDNET Pet Store. Shop top brands in pet care at wholesale prices, including 8 in 1 Pet Products, Flexi Pet Products, Front Line Pet Products, Nature's Miracle Pet Products, Nylabone Pet Products, Sunthing Special Pet Products, Tera Pet Products and Vitakraft Pet Products. These well known pet brands have been providing products to care for your dog, cat, bird, fish or small animal for years, and now MEDNET is offering the same great products at low prices so you can care for your pet for less.

8 in 1 Pet Products

The 8 in 1 Pet Care Line has been offering great products for many pets including dogs, cats, birds and small animals for over 100 years. When you buy 8 in 1 Pet Products, you are choosing one of the highest quality products for your pet. Shop a great selection of pet food, pet toys, pet treats, pet grooming products and of course pet health products for your pet at the MEDNET Pet Store. We are proud to offer great 8 in 1 Pet Products at the MEDNET wholesale pricing, so you can take good care of your pet for less.

Flexi Pet Products

The Flexi Pet Care Brand is a premiere name in pet leashes, and specializes in dog and cat products. Flexi Care offers a great selection of durable, flexible dog and cat leashes, leads and collars. You can choose Flexi leads and collars in various colors, patterns and styles to meet the needs of your dog or cat. These high quality retractable leashes and cord leashes are available at the MEDNET Pet Store at wholesale prices. Enjoy walking your dog or cat with these Flexi Pet Leashes.

Four Paws Pet Products

Four Paws has been providing high-quality pet products to dog and cat owners since 1970. This trusted brand specialized in high-quality dog and cat products. The Four Paws product line available at the MEDNET Pet Store at wholesale prices includes great cat care products including, cat grooming products, cat scratching posts, cat toys, cat shampoos, catnip products and more. Four Paws also has great products for dogs including dog leashes, dog collars, dog odor removers, dog shampoos, dog grooming products and most other supplies you need to care for your dog.

Front Line Pet Products

The Front Line Pet Care Products have been a leader in pet care for many years. Front Line is best known for their line of dog and cat flea and tick products. MEDNET is excited to offer the full Front Line flea and tick products for dogs and cats. This includes flea and tick medication, shampoos and powders to help shield your dog or cat from these parasites. Trust Front Line and MEDNET Direct for your pet flea and tick needs.

Nature's Miracle Pet Products

Nature's Miracle Pet Products feature a premiere line of cat care products. Nature's Miracle Cat Products offer cat owners a natural way to clean up after cats. The Nature's Miracle Cat Care Products available at the MEDNET Pet Store include cat urine cleaner, cat litter cleaner, cat odor spray, cat hairball products and other cat care products. Nature's Miracle offers the most effective way to clean cat messes, leaving no remaining odors or stains, unlike other cat cleaning products.

Nylabone Pet Products

The Nylabone Pet Care Line is most famous for their nylon and edible bones for dogs. These great dog chew toys are perfect for heavy chewers and help promote dog dental health. Nylabone also offers treats and animal care guides for many pets including small animals such as reptiles, bunnies, hamsters and other pets. You can trust you are taking care of your pet well with care guides and great pet food and treats with Nylabone and the MEDNET Pet Store.

Sunthing Special Pet Products

Sunthing Special Pet Products include a large selection of bird care products. With Sunthing Special you will find everything you need to care for your bird including bird food, bird seed, bird pellets, bird grooming products and much more. Sunthing Special offeres bird care products for all bird species including parrots, parakeets, cockapoos, finches and many other types of pet birds. Give your bird Sunthing Special with help from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Tetra Pet Products

Tetra Pet Products include the trusted line of Fish and Reptile Care. Originally founded in Germany, the Tetra brand is the only recognizable brand of fish products, most notably fish food flakes. Tetra now also makes great aquarium products for freshwater tanks along with reptile products. MEDNET is proud to offer an extensive collection of Terta pet care products at wholesale prices so you can care for your fish and reptiles for less.

Vitakraft Pet Products

Vitakraft is a trusted name in the pet industry, offering great food and treat products for all pets including dogs, cats, birds and small animals. At The MEDNET Pet Store you will find a huge collection of Vitakraft edible pet products for all your pets. Find dog treats, cat treats, bird food and treats as well as food an treats for small animals. No matter what your pet likes to eat, find nutritious foods from Vitakraft and MEDNET Direct.

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