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The importance has been recognized not only to protect patients but to protect ourselves as well. Dukal Quality is offered in a variety of products to meet all your protection needs.

Personal Protection

Personal Protection products are designed to provide safety for both health care workers and patients alike. Choose from a variety of quality personal care products, such as masks, shoe covers, scrubs, and caps to help prevent the spread of germs and infection from patients and employees. Med Net Direct is also proud to offer Swine Flu protection products to keep workers and patients protected from the spread of this illness.

Swine Flu Protection

Swine Flu protection is a top priority of health care facilities, schools and even at home and other workplaces. Keep your employees, students, patients and family members safe with a variety of swine flu protection products, including masks, scrub wear, and gloves. These products are designed to help contain the spread of illness including the swine flu.


Select high quality surgical caps for your nursing staff. These disposable surgical caps are effective in protecting against the spread of germs and keeping hair out of the face. These medical caps are all latex free and are made from a comfortable material that is breathable for long-time wear.

Disposable Scrub Wear & Coveralls

Choose disposable scrub wear for all of your medical staff. These scrubs are comfortable for all day wear and are disposable in the event of contamination. Disposable scrubs come in a variety of unisex colors and styles, from shorts, shirts, pants and coveralls. Choose disposable scrubs for the ultimate protection for your employees.


Keep your patients protected and safe by choosing Med Net Direct's high quality patient gowns. We offer a wide selection of gowns from exam gowns to isolation gowns. All of our gowns are latex free and individually wrapped for added safety. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to meet the needs of all your patients. Medical gowns are also fluid resistant for added protection.


Select high quality DUKAL medical masks for all of your patients and employees needs. Med Net Direct offers a full selection of latex free disposable medical masks, from surgical masks, procedure masks and cone shaped masks. Masks contain ear loops and are fog resistant for comfort and convenience. Keep all your employees and patients protected by utilizing medical masks on a daily basis.

N95 Masks

Select the highest quality DUKAL N95 masks for the ultimate in protection at your medical facility. Our latex free N95 are NIOSH certified Folded Particulate Respirator Masks that are designed to filter out microscopic particles and effectively protect the respiratory system. These N95 masks are available in folded, cone and one-way value designs.

Shoe Covers

Select high quality DUKAL shoe covers for a variety of uses. Shoe covers are fluid resistant, making them ideal for use in the medical field. These shoe covers are also ideal for use in the real estate, education, day care, and other fields where the spread of dirt needs to be contained. Our comfortable shoe covers are latex free for added safety and they fit up to a mens shoe size 10.

Surgical Masks

For all your operating room and medical facility needs, choose our high quality DUKAL surgical masks. These disposable surgical masks are latex free to help keep both patients and staff safe in the operating room. Made from a breathable material, these surgical masks are comfortable for wear during even long procedures and feature a back tie for easy dressing and removal.

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