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Customers Say: MEDNET Direct's low cost Puppy Pads quickly potty train pets of all breeds!

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y., September 3, 2009- One of the biggest concerns of new and repeat pet owners is how to housebreaking their new best friend. Thanks to MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads, countless pet owners no longer encounter the worry of messy accidents or expensive carpet cleaning bills.

MEDNET Direct is America's Leading Provider of Puppy Pads, with over 10 million Puppy Pads sold to satisfied pet owners nationwide, resulting in thousands of happy, trained pets. These training pads are the same high-quality MEDNET Direct delivers puppy pads directly to their customers, groomers, pet shops, veterinarians, kennels, trainers, and breeders at affordable wholesale prices.

Our Best Puppy Pads are made from high quality materials and are offered in bulk sizes for customer convenience. Puppy Training Pads are available in 3 sizes to meet the needs of any pet, from small to large breeds. With a leak-proof plastic backing, and a cellulose filling that absorbs more than a full cup of water without drips, carpet, bedding, wood floors and furniture will stay clean and accident free.

Customers keep coming back to MEDNET Direct for Puppy Pads because they are the best value. MEDNET Directs's Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kerry Perissi says, "Some customers say they used to buy puppy pads at Wal-Mart, but then found that MEDNET's Puppy Pads were actually cheaper. That's a strong argument." Ordering online at www.MedNetDirect.com/PuppyPads is simple, plus it saves gas. Special Bulk sized packages and flat rate shipping saves money, as well as time.

There are hundreds of Puppy Pad success stories, become one of them and let MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads potty train your puppy today!

For more information, visit: http://www.MedNetDirect.com/PuppyPads

About MEDNET Direct Corp. 

Leveraging technology to get its products from the manufacturer to buyers by the most efficient means possible, MEDNET™ strives to save its customers time and money. It accomplishes this by direct supply through leading U.S. manufacturers of premium quality medical supplies and the Best Puppy Pads™ brand of puppy training pads. These partnerships plus MEDNET's™ cutting-edge services are what guarantee savings to customers and clients, helping MEDNET™ gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace.


Mednet Direct!Kerry Perissi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing 877-633-6389 kperissi@mednetdirect.com
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