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DUKAL offers a complete line of Non-Woven Products as an excellent alternative to the traditional Gauze Product. These products offer excellent absorbency while being soft and gentle on wounds. We have maintained our high level of DUKAL Quality with these Rayon/Polyester blend products.

Non Woven Dressings

Med Net Direct is proud to offer a full selection of quality DUKAL non woven dressings. These high-quality non woven dressings are en excellent alternative to traditional cotton gauze products. The rayon/polyester blend of non woven dressings provides a soft touch to wounds while retaining a high absorbency power.

Caliberô Island Dressings

DUKAL's Caliber Island Non Woven Dressings are ideal for a variety of uses. These high quality non woven dressings are available in 6 sizes to properly cover any size wound. These dressings are gentle on the wound and keep the infected are free from bacteria, while allowing air in to promote fast healing. Select sterile, latex free non-woven island dressings for proper wound care.


DUKAL Clinisorb non woven sponges are ideal for many uses, from applying ointment, cleaning wounds, or prepping the skin. These economical dressings are much more cost effective than traditional cotton gauze dressings, and they are just as functional. These non woven dressing are made from high quality rayon and polyester, allowing for maximum absorption and comfort. Choose Clinisorb non woven dressings for all of your medical needs.

I.V. & T-Drain Sponges

Select these specialty DUKAL non woven sponges for IV and T-Drain uses. These high quality rayon and polyester blend non woven dressings are pre-cut to fit around IVs, catheters, trachs, and other tubes. Select sterile non woven IV and T-Drain sponges to provide comfort and to ensure the tubes stay free from incoming bacteria.

New Sponges

New Sponges are made from high quality rayon and polyester for excellent absorbency and softness. These DUKAL non woven new sponges have a plethora of uses, and are available in sterile and non-sterile varieties. These new sponges are excellent for properly caring for wounds and prepping areas in the operating room.

Premium Sponges

Select the highest quality DUKAL premium non woven sponges. These premium sponges are made from thicker rayon and polyester. The added thickness allows for more absorbency power and for extra softness. Premium non woven sponges are so effective that they reduce the amount of sponges necessary for a particular wound.

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