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Not Only Are Pet Owners Satisfied With Their Best Puppy Pads, Pets Are Satisfied Too

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y., September 24, 2009- When it is time to housebreak your pet, trust MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads. Our satisfied customers have returned to MEDNET Direct for their pet training needs time and time again, because our Puppy Pads are affordable, and THEY WORK.

MEDNET Direct is excited to debut our Puppy Pad Graduate Gallery. The Puppy Pad Graduate Gallery is a corner of our website dedicated to our Best Puppy Pad trained pups and satisfied pet owners. We invite you to meet some of these special pets and read about their Puppy Pad Successes so your pet can achieve potty training success with Puppy Pads, too.

Meet pups like Pressley. "Pressley is a city dog and loves that she can just use her puppy pads at times that she does not want to go all the way down and out of her building for a walk," raves Pressley's Parents From Chicago, IL.

Pet owner Sybil from California boasts, "Chloe is an indoor family pet and we have her trained to potty on Puppy Pads. We really love our little Chloe and even though she is not really a puppy anymore (although she still acts like a puppy), she still uses your pads when she goes potty inside."

Our Puppy Pads have sold over 10 million pads simply because they are the best value in pet training products. Puppy Pads are available in 3 sizes to meet the training needs of any breed of dog, from small to large. Plus the unique cellulose filling hold up to one cup of fluid, preventing leaks and messes. Our Puppy Pad customers enjoy MEDNET Direct's exclusive bulk packaging, eliminating unnecessary trips to the store- saving time and gas. Plus ordering online is easy, and our prices are unbeatable.

Start your pup on the fast track to Potty Training Graduation with MEDNET Direct's Best Puppy Pads.

For more information, visit: http://www.mednetdirect.com/PuppyPads

About MEDNET Direct Corp. 

Leveraging technology to get its products from the manufacturer to buyers by the most efficient means possible, MEDNET™ strives to save its customers time and money. It accomplishes this by direct supply through leading U.S. manufacturers of premium quality medical supplies and the Best Puppy Pads™ brand of puppy training pads. These partnerships plus MEDNET's™ cutting-edge services are what guarantee savings to customers and clients, helping MEDNET™ gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace.


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