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Many Uses For Medicine Cups

The most common usage of medicine cups in health care, dental care and other human service industries is to provide a sterile and safe way to distribute medication to patients. Our Medline and Dynarex Medicine Cups come in bulk sizing and are calibrated with easy to read measurements. This calibration prevents errors in dosing, in turn promoting patient safety. Plastic medicine cups offer calibrations from 1-8 grams, 1/8-1 fluid ounces; 1-2 tablespoons and 2.5-30 ml and cc. Whether you are distributing liquid or dry medications, use medicine cups to distribute the proper amount of medication to your patients.

In addition to use in health care industries, medicine cups can be used to deliver proper dosages of medications to people at home as well. Whether you are caring for an ill parent or child, it's important to always give the proper dose of medications to the patient. Using disposable plastic medicine cups in the home is a great way to do this because our measuring cups are calibrated with easy to read measurements preventing dangerous dosing errors. Additionally, using disposable plastic medicine cups keeps germs in tact, as the cup can be disposed of after use, preventing other family members from getting sick by reusing the same cup that comes with the cold syrup.

Other uses for medicine cups in the home include a variety of organizing and cooking tasks. Lids are available for plastic medicine cups, making them perfect to sort and store small household items such as nails, screws, washers, and bolts. These plastic medicine souffle cups can also be used for cooking, by making individual portions of snacks. Some grocers use medicine cups to distribute food samples to patrons in the store. You can use these medicine cups to make individual desserts, jello cups, samplers, appetizers and other food items, which is great for parties or those who are concerned with portion size.

Whether you use plastic medicine cups at home or in the human service industry, be sure to buy in bulk from MEDNET Direct.

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