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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MEDNET Introduces Full Line Of Durable Medical Equipment MEDNET expands product line, continues to meet consumer health care needs. Farmington, CT., January, 19, 2010 – Between families and retirees losing medical coverage and the continuing rise of health care costs, it can be challenging to find affordable medical supplies. In fact many individuals go without the necessary medical equipment they need, because they simply cannot afford it. MEDNET Direct is meeting this challenge head on by introducing a full line of Durable Medical Equipment, including bath equipment, walkers, canes, and wheelchairs. "We are very excited about adding durable medical equipment to our product line," says Rob Perissi, President of MEDNET Direct. "There are so many in need of this equipment and we are thrilled to be able to help people save money on their medical supplies. We know every dollar makes a difference, and we hope that the partnerships we have formed will help more people afford the supplies they need." Using durable medical equipment in the home helps contribute to patient independence, safety, and recovery. Sometimes equipment is just necessary while a patient is recovering from a medical procedure, but many times it is used by patients with incurable diseases and can help keep patients active and independent longer, while offering peace of mind to family members and caregivers who know that a patient's environment is safer. MEDNET Direct is committed to offer the best pricing on our products to help ease the financial burden of medical costs to individuals and health care facilities who are experiencing financial difficulties. Because of our relationships with the top medical suppliers in the industry, we are able to offer products at wholesale prices, helping more individuals afford the supplies they need. For years, MEDNET Direct has been the trusted online supplier of high-quality name brand medical supplies at wholesale prices. We are always looking to expand our product line to meet the evolving needs of our customers, as we strive to be the one stop shop online that can meet all of our customers' medical supply needs. Offering durable medical equipment is an important step forward in our commitment to offering more than just disposable medical products. To purchase, and for more information, visit http://www.MedNetDirect.com About MEDNET Direct Corp. 

Leveraging technology to get its products from the manufacturer to buyers by the most efficient means possible, MEDNET™ strives to save its customers time and money. The company accomplishes this by direct supply through leading U.S. manufacturers of premium quality medical supplies. Such partnerships plus MEDNET's™ cutting-edge service, guarantee savings to customers, helping them gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace. Contact: Mednet Direct!Kerry Perissi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing 877-633-6389 kperissi@mednetdirect.com
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