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1. Manual Wheelchair Features Features

Med Net Direct offers a full line of manual wheelchairs to meet the needs of any patient. Choose traditional manual wheelchairs in a variety of sizes, from small for smaller patients to wide seat wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are the most popular type of wheelchair and can be easily used by patients and caregivers. These wheelchairs are easy for patients to self propel and easy for caregivers to push. Read below to discover the features of our manual wheelchairs that help make them easy to use and provide comfort to patients.


2. Handle Grips

All of our manual wheelchair models feature handle grips for caregivers comfort. Handle grips are made from a high quality non-slip grip material molded with rests, making pushing wheelchairs easy and comfortable on hands. The non-slip material is an important component, allowing caregivers to maintain a good grip on the wheelchair, which helps ensure patient safety. Handle grips are easy to clean, by using traditional cleaning methods, or using disinfecting wipes, helping to reduce the spread of germs between caregivers and patients, and between health care workers if the wheelchair is used at a health facility.


3. Cushioned Arm Rests

Cushioned Arm Rests help ensure patient comfort while they are sitting in their wheelchair or maneuvering their wheelchair. Arm rests are made typically made from a stain repelling material, that is easy to clean and provides breath ability for the skin, preventing patient sores. The cushioned arm rests are designed for the wheelchair to feel more like a regular chair, helping to provide patient comfort. In addition, cushioned arm rests prevent the patient from hitting their arms or hands on the metal material as they self-propel the wheelchair, helping to prevent injury and discomfort.


4. Cushioned Chair

Almost all wheelchairs today feature a cushioned chair. This is am important part of patient comfort. Many additional cushioning products can be purchased for a manual wheelchair, especially if a patient cannot move without it. Some of these cushions feature egg carton foam, or air loss material, to help prevent skin breakdown and sores. If a patient cannot move or adjust in a chair, these types of cushions are essential.


5. Cushioned Foot Rests

Cushioned foot rests serve the same purpose as cushioned arm rests, except for the feet. While many patients wear shoes while in their wheelchair, the cushions provide additional comfort especially if not wearing shoes and socks. These cushions extend on the whole foot rest, also providing a cushioned surface for ankles and the lower leg. Foot rests also help to prevent skin breakdown, by keeping the skin from pressing against metal foot rests, and keeps the feet from dragging on the ground while a patient is being moved in the chair.


6. Sturdy, Carbon Steel Welded Frame

The Sturdy Carbon Steel Welded Frames featured on our standard manual wheelchairs plays an important part in patient safety. While some chairs are made from a lighter aluminum material, the carbon steel is far more sturdy and long lasting. The extra durability allows for more weight to be supported, and withstands any bumps the chair may encounter, when placing it in a car, or maneuvering through smaller spaces. Carbon steel is also easy to clean, helping to promote infection control.


7.Wheel Grips

Wheel grips are the second "wheel" attached to the larger back wheels of a standard manual wheelchair. These are often made of plastic, and feature a foam or rubber type grip on the outer edge, for easy patient grip. Patients can easily hold these gripped wheels and push them backward and forward to maneuver themselves in their wheelchair, without having to touch the actual wheel that has been touching the floor. This helps to provide patient safety, allowing them a sturdy grip on the chair, and promotes infection control by preventing the patient from picking up debris from the floor.

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