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MEDNET Spa & Salon StoreWelcome to the SPA Store at MEDNET Direct! We have 100's of items in stock at unbelievably LOW wholesale prices. Here you will find the absolute best prices for products you use every day! Now more than ever you need to save money and add to your bottom line. You can be sure you have found the best source online to start SAVING money for your SPA or Salon. No one can match our wholesale pricing!
Browse our Cotton & Wood products like cotton tipped applicators, cotton balls, 6" cotton applicators, tongue depressors, wood applicators, and more! Our pre-packaged Chem Kits will save you time & money, and our Esthestic Wipes in bulk are unmatched in quality, performance, and price!  You also do not want to miss our complete Hot & Cold Therapy line with amazing prices on reusable gel packs, instant hot packs, and easy-sleeve ice pack covers!
If you don't see what you are looking for here, please click on the purple SPA Tab above to see all categories or use the Search Box to search our entire catalog. Bonus: Don't forget that orders over $2000 ship free to the lower 48 states! - Some exceptions apply.

Spa Supplies

Give each one of your clients a memorable medical spa or spa experience with all of our treatments and products. All our solutions, treatments and products are always designed to enhance each Medical Spa/Spa client experience and provide maximum benefits. Trust us for all of your Spa needs.

SPA Treatment Solutions

Get only the best for your Spa with our brands. DUKAL SPA Treatment Solutions like the DUKAL Atmosphere™ Breathing Extender stops breathing of fumes and debris. The Atmosphere™ is a perfect SPA Treatment that can also be used for laser procedures and microdermabrasion. Bring the best quality products to your Spa today.

DUKAL Reflections™ Spa Chem Trays

Bring quality kits into your Spa, one time use products are great for hygiene. The DUKAL Reflections™ Spa Chem Kit is all you need to perform a routine chemical facial. The Atmosphere™ Breathing Extender is included in the kit for ultimate patient satisfaction. Reduce Preparation and give your patients a one of a kind Spa experience. All the tools you need are right at your disposal with DUKAL Reflections Spa Chem Trays!

Body Toaster™ Spa Wrap

Intensify the effects of a spa full body treatment with the Body Toaster Spa Wrap. The unique Dukal Body Toaster Spa Wrap is perfect for full body treatments or any other spa needs. It works by retaining heat for maximum warmth and relaxation.

Spa Esthetic & Disposable Supplies

Spa Esthetic & Disposable Supplies are perfect for assisting in all your esthetic procedures. Make sure you have disposable supplies such as DUKAL Reflections™ Esthetic Wipes that are gentle on the skin and highly absorbent. Keep your Spa is stocked with these disposable supplies, great for cleansing, exfoliating, and applying or removing product.

Spa Disposable Linens

Spa disposable linens are a must have in any spa or medical spa facility. Our spa disposable linen products are a fantastic economical alternative to using regular cloth linens. The DUKAL products we sell come in a variety of sizes and weights to meet all your work places needs. Keep your spa clean and hygienic by purchasing your Spa disposable linens today.

Spa Advanced Wound Care

Make sure you have all the proper medical equipment you need in your medical spa or spa. Our spa advanced wound care bandage strips and dressings were developed for patients with the most delicate of skin in mind. The healing process will be protected as well as enhanced with the use of these Dukal quality products.

Spa Instant Hot & Cold First Aid Packs

Make sure your Spa has the essential first aid items. Our safe and disposable one-time use spa instant hot & cold packs provide immediate cold or hot relief for any muscle aches or injuries and helps support therapeutic healing. InstaKool/IntsaHeet Brand™ is Ammonium Nitrate Free & HazMat Free so you don't have to worry. Give your clients and patients the proper products to help them feel instant comfort.

Spa Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Packs

Make sure your spa has Spa Reusable Hot & Cold Spa Gel Therapy Packs at hand. Bring temporary relief to patients with muscle stiffness, aches and pains by giving them Hot Therapy. If you patient is injured and has swelling, place a Cold Gel Therapy Pack onto the injured area. THERMA-KOOL™ products are non-toxic, safe for children, and environmentally friendly.

Spa Specialty Dressings

Get the specific dressing you need at your spa/medical spa. We carry emergency pressure dressing to trauma dressing, and we have the exact dressing that your spa uses. Our spa specialty dressings are a perfect example of great DUKAL quality.

Spa Bandages

Your spa should carry all the necessary medical supplies such as spa bandages. Choose from a selection of spa bandages including triangular, cohesive, and elastic. Always be prepared for any incident with spa bandages.

Spa Cotton & Wood Products

Medical spas all should carry the basics such as spa cotton & wood products. Cotton is available in roll form, balls and applicators. Wooden applicators and tongue depressors are also available. Make sure you have all the essentials ready at your medical spa.

Spa Gauze Dressings

We carry a variety of spa sponges and gauzes so you'll be ready for any medical situation or emergency. Our gauze pads and sponges provide sterile hygienic aid to a multitude of injuries. DUKAL quality gauze product are made with quality and safety to ensure your patients are in the best of care.

Spa Hygiene

Make sure your medical spa or spa work area are clean and sterile by using the proper cleansing pads and wipes. We have all the supplies you will need to run an efficient and clean medical area. Make sure your staff and each and every patient is safe from germs by using our cleansing towelettes and alcohol prep pads. Promote good spa hygiene to both employees and patients with cleansing wipes and pads.

Spa Non-Woven Dressings

Experience DUKAL quality with these rayon/polyester blend products. spa non-woven dressings are a perfect alternative to the traditional gauze products. Our dressings and sponges offer excellent absorbency. These dressings are known for being soft and gentle on wounds.

Spa Personal Protection

It may be a Spa Staffs job to put the customers first, however they should always be thinking of their own safety as well. Make sure you have spa personal protection products from masks, to shoe covers and scrub covers.

Spa Tapes

Be sure your Spa is has all the necessary spa tapes available. We provide our our customers with Dukal quality durable tape. Choose from a variety of different spa tapes like cloth tape, paper tape, transparent tape and waterproof tape. We are sure to have the specific type of tape your Spa needs. Our tapes are hypoallergenic and latex free.

Spa Eye Wash

Don't overlook anything at your place of work. Staff at medical spas and spas have to work with many different substances and chemicals. A must have for any spa workplace is spa eye wash. Ophthalmic irrigating spa eye wash solution is your best bet for protecting your Spa staff or patients eyes. We offer a variety of sizes, and a squeeze bottle with jet stream nozzle screw cap for fast eye relief.

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