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MEDNET Products Go to the Extreme on Mt. Everest

Dukal disposable medical supplies meet the challenges of climbing the world's tallest mountain

RIDGE, N.Y., Aug. 25, 2008 - When it comes to medical supplies, exceptional performance is paramount, and the margin of error must be as close to zero as possible. Someone can live or die, depending on the quality of such products, so medical professionals clearly want to know they're purchasing the very best. That's why MEDNET™ Direct Corp. (http://www.mednetdirect.com), the premier source for Dukal disposable medical supplies online and a company that's always eager to prove its product advantages, recently put its goods to the ultimate test on Mt. Everest.

This past summer, veteran climber Bob Lowry toted the supplies up the tallest mountain in the world, and experimented with their effectiveness during various stages of the climb. According to Lowry, MEDNET products more than met the challenge and became his brand of choice for such rugged expeditions.

"At 21,000 feet, everything has to work perfectly," Lowry says. "The MEDNET products performed exceptionally well, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs top-quality medical products."

While making the climb, Lowry took an assortment of MEDNET supplies, including tape, cohesive bandages, wet wipes, emergency blankets, gauze sponges, alcohol prep pads and N95 Masks. Testing for effectiveness along the way, the climber concluded that MEDNET's products met the Everest challenge. Some products, such as the medical tape he carried, exceeded his expectations.

"The MEDNET Tape rocked," he says. "I used it for a few things, and it is stronger than the name-brand stuff the rest of the team had. The MEDNET Tape did not ball up or get weaker, and it patched the down suit I snagged with my crampon."

Of note, Lowry climbed Everest with world-renowned International Mountain Guides (http://www.mountainguides.com), which "is committed to preserving our world's natural areas through [its] partnership with Leave No Trace" (http://www.lnt.org).

Upon returning from the climb, Lowry pointed out another bonus with MEDNET - he appreciated the company's wide selection of online products and the ability to order them on a 24/7 basis. For people who are pressed for time, having an easy and fast way to order and replace supplies is a major benefit, too. Plus, MEDNET strives to provide the best pricing online today and with no minimum orders required. Its premium brand is direct from New York-based Dukal Corporation and shipped from state-of-the-art distribution centers in the U.S. Always in stock, supplies are delivered quickly, saving customers precious time and money.

For more information about MEDNET and the Mt. Everest challenge, call toll-free, 877-633-6389, or visit: http://www.mednetdirect.com About MEDNET Direct Corp.

Leveraging technology to get its products from the manufacturer to buyers in the most efficient means possible, MEDNET strives to save its customers time and money. It accomplishes this by direct supply through Dukal Corporation products, one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of premium quality medical supplies. This partnership, plus MEDNET's cutting-edge services, is what guarantees savings to its customers and clients, helping them gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace.


Mednet Direct!Kerry Perissi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing 877-633-6389 kperissi@mednetdirect.com To read more about Bob Lowry's amazing journey, please visit his BLOG at: http://everest2008boblowry.blogspot.com.
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