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MEDNET™ Launches Low-Cost LABboards™ to Healthcare Industry

New partnership leads to easy, affordable distribution of disposable laboratory cutting boards

RIDGE, N.Y., Jan. 21, 2009 — Nowadays, when people hear "cheap," as in inexpensive, they often think "Made in China." But reversing that trend is U.S.-based LABboards™, a newcomer to the medical-supply marketplace that's offering disposable cutting surfaces for less than $1. Currently, other companies offer disposable cutting boards for as high as $8 each, making for one tough sell to the healthcare industry. LABboards™, however, are affordable at just $.73 per 12" x 18" board. Plus they're easily and immediately available, thanks to the company's recent partnership with MEDNET™ Direct Corp., a national leader in premium-quality disposable medical supplies.

"This new partnership with LABboards™ is a perfect fit for MEDNET™, especially considering our company's mission and values," says Rob Perissi, MEDNET's™ founder and president. "We strive to eliminate the middle-man approach, saving our customers time and money on the most reputable, innovative brands. We make these available online for easy ordering, too. We're thrilled to be working with LABboards™, and are impressed with not only the product, but also the responsible way in which LABboards™ are manufactured."

From biopsies to autopsies, LABboards™ comply with Best Practice protocols. A patented design includes printed metric measurements and fold-up sides for fluid containment, helping ensure accuracy. The various sizes and styles are available on MEDNET's™ website, http://www.mednetdirect.com/labboards. All LABboards™ are "Made in the U.S.A.," thanks to manufacturing relationships with companies such as the Atlanta-based Georgia Pacific, a global leader in premium paper products.

"We were called by companies that do their manufacturing in China but turned them down," says Joe Cant, LABboards'™ director of research and development. "America is hurting, our domestic economy is in the tank, and we need to support U.S. manufacturing and keep jobs here. Thanks to manufacturers like Georgia Pacific, which donated eight tons of the specially developed poly-coated paper toward product development, and by choosing like-minded distributors such as MEDNET™, LABboards™ has designed, produced and is providing a stellar product for very cheap. The fact that there is demand for our product helps, too."

LABboards™ got its start when pathologists and other healthcare professionals started calling Cant and his business partner, Gary Wilson, about Cut & Toss®, a disposable cutting board for kitchens that the two had developed in the 1980s. Cut & Toss® was a hit from a food-safety standpoint. They didn't require cleaning – and could be "tossed." According to Cant, pathologists who use regular cutting boards spend 35-45 minutes per day sanitizing them between procedures. LABboards™ save them hours and reduce contamination risks, hence the demand.

LABboards™ has also designed disposable skin-processing boards, the first disposable cutting boards of their kind. For more information on this and other LABboards™, visit http://www.mednetdirect.com/labboards.

About LABboards™

LABboards'™ singular focus is to supply medical and laboratory professionals with a full range of LABboards™ disposable cutting surfaces. Patented LABboards™ are the cutting surface standard for Best Practice protocols in laboratories, hospitals and research facilities worldwide. LABboards™ are affordable and made in the U.S.A. For more information, call 1-239-261-4244.

About MEDNET™ Direct Corp.

Leveraging technology to obtain its products from the manufacturer to buyers in the most efficient means possible, MEDNET™ strives to save its customers time and money. It accomplishes this by direct supply through leading U.S. manufacturers of premium-quality medical supplies. This partnership plus MEDNET's™ cutting-edge services are what guarantees savings to its customers and clients, helping the company gain that crucial competitive edge in the disposable medical supply marketplace.


Mednet Direct!Kerry Perissi Vice-President of Sales and Marketing 877-633-6389 kperissi@mednetdirect.com
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