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LABboards™ Save You Money
LABboardsare the Best Practice protocol in medical, pathology and research laboratories worldwide.  Available in sizes to fit every laboratory application, disposable LABboardsDisposable Cutting Boards have eliminated the need to use stained, tattered reusable cutting boards and harsh cleaning chemicals.
LABboards™ Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards LABboards™ Disposable Skin Processing Boards
LABboards™ Laboratory cutting boards are the clear choice for Best Practice. Instead of relying on toxic chemicals to keep cutting and grossing surfaces clean, disposable LABboards™ disposable cutting boards provide a fresh work surface for every procedure.
LABboards™ Skin Boards are designed specifically for the unique requirements of skin processing laboratories. The 7" x 18" boards are appropriately sized and printed with a centimeter grid and metric measurements to help skin technicians accurately process Dermatome recovered skin.
Laboratory Cold Shipping & Transport Packs Laboratory Instant Hot & Cold First Aid Packs
Laboratory Cleaning Solutions Laboratory Eye Wash

Laboratory Cleaning Solution

A sterile environment is a necessity for medical laboratories. Keep your laboratory clean and sterile with the aid of laboratory cleaning solution. Med Net Direct's laboratory cleaning solution is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing instruments, shared surfaces and patient environments to protect against the spread of germs and other potentially hazardous materials and to prevent cross contamination. Laboratory cleaning solution will ensure a clean and sterile medical testing area.

Laboratory Eye Wash

Keep Laboratory Eye Wash on hand at the lab in case of emergency. Laboratory eye wash is essential to have in any medical area, and is necessary to keep patients and employees safe from potential hazards. Laboratory eye wash can also help keep your employees and patients eyes safe from potential side effects from chemical encounters. Utilizing laboratory eye wash as a precaution by properly cleansing the eyes of potentially affected individuals.

Best Practice Protocol from Biopsies to Grossing

Laboratory Supplies

We have high quality laboratory supplies for your Lab. We ensure you satisfaction and safety with all of our trusted Brands. Make sure that your Laboratory is stocked and ready for every type of test and emergency.

LABboards™ Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards

LABboards are the premier disposable laboratory cutting surface for busy professionals. They are made from heavy duty scalpel-friendly paperboard, printed with helpful metric measurements and coated with a fluid-resistant polyethylene barrier. LABboards™ Disposable Laboratory Cutting Boards are available in three sizes to accommodate small biopsies to large gross anatomy procedures. LABboards are perfect for the use of any specimen.

LABboards™ Disposable Skin Processing Boards

Our LABboards™ Disposable Skin Processing Boards are Durable and validated for most sterilization methods. They are ideal for processing dermatome recovered skin. The Boards are printed with useful metric perimeter measurements and the bottoms are coated with a slide-resistant film to keep the boards in place during exacting scalpel use.

Laboratory Cold Shipping & Transport Packs

Laboratory Cold Shipping & Transport Packs were designed and engineered for cold transport and the shipping of heat sensitive items. Ice Brick is the leading source for thermal insulated shipping containers and temperature packaging. These water based gel refrigerant packs are a safer alternative to dry ice. We sell the full line of these great thermal products, insulated containers and ice brick gel refrigerant shipping packs. Ice Bricks are great for cold transport of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medicines, chocolates, meats and other perishable products.

Laboratory Instant Hot & Cold First Aid Packs

Get immediate cold or hot relief with Instant Hot & Cold Laboratory First Aid Packs. InstaKool and Instaheet promote Therapeutic healing for a multitude of injuries. These First Aid Packs are Ammonium Nitrate Free & HazMat Free, to ensure safety. Be prepared for any lab accident with these Instant Hot & Cold Laboratory First Aid Packs.

Laboratory Cleaning Solutions

Keep your Laboratory sterile with a non-ionic, concentrated cleaning compound. Tecniclene™ combines a powerful detergent, scrubbing agent, blood solvent, deodorizer and wetting agent to achieve a new standard of cleaning power. Hygiene is a top priority if medical Labs, make sure your Lab is always properly disinfected. Tecniclene™ removes common Lab substances such as blood, organic debris, buffing compounds, soils, oxides, rouges, and Tripoli. Trust us for the the number one Laboratory Cleaning Solutions in your Lab.

Laboratory Eye Wash

Ensure the safety of your Lab staff by always having Laboratory Eye Wash available. Our Ophthalmic Irrigation Eye Wash Solution works great in any emergency situation where a harmful substance has made contact with eyes. This product works by drawing fluid out of the cornea to reduce swelling. Make sure to have Laboratory Eye Wash products to promote safety in the Lab.

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