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Dental Supplies

We give you only the best in Dental Supplies and products. We have the dental products to stock your place of operation with top of the ling high quality items. We'll keep your patients and staff satisfied with our safe and clean dental products.

Dental Advanced Wound Care

Keep the proper Dental wound care accessible in your place of work. DUKAL Transparent Dressing is an excellent dressing for minor burns and wounds. It keeps contamination out and promotes healing while allowing for moisture vapor transfer. This DUKAL quality clear adhesive backed dressing is also ideal for IV sites and to observe vaccination sites. We have the perfect dental advanced wound care here.

Dental Instant Hot & Cold Dental First Aid Packs

INSTAKOOL™ and INSTAHEET™ are a must have for aches and swelling. Offer your patients instant alleviation from discomfort. Our products are Ammonim Nitrate-Free to ensure safe use. Make sure your patients get immediate relief with Dental Instant Hot & Cold First Aid Packs.

Dental Reusable Hot & Cold Gel Therapy Packs

These packs are perfect for those patients who will go home and experience long periods discomfort. Reusable Hot & Cold Dental Gel Therapy packs are great for use on bruises, headaches and reducing swelling. THERMA-KOOL™ products are non-toxic, safe for children, and environmentally friendly. They are guaranteed relief over and over again.

Dental Bandages

Having the proper dental bandages is always necessary. Make sure your Dental office is stocked with plenty of strips and gauze. Our conforming stretch gauze provides light compression to the site while securing holding the dressing in place. They are specifically designed not to slip while in use.

Dental Cotton & Wood Products

Every dentist's office needs Dental Cotton & Woods Products. Cotton is available in roll form, balls and applicators. Wooden applicators and tongue depressors are also available. Make sure you have all the essentials to be stocked and ready for your patients and order Dental Cotton & Woods Products.

Dental Disposable Linens

Dental Disposable Linens are a must have in any medical or dental facility. Dental disposable linen products make a good economical alternative to using cloth linens. The DUKAL products we sell offer a variety of sizes and weights to meet all market needs. Make sure you have Dental Disposable Linens and keep your place of operation clean and hygienic.

Dental Gauze Dressings

Any well run dental office goes through its share of dental gauze dressings. Make sure your orthodontic operation has all the dental gauze dressings it needs to take care of your patients. DUKAL's quality shines through with this product line. We offer a growing line of DUKAL quality gauze products to keep up with your patient care needs.

Dental Hygiene

Keep your dental work area clean and sterile with the proper cleansing pads and wipes. Make sure your staff and each and every patient is safe from germs by using our cleansing towelettes and alcohol prep pads. We have all the supplies you will need to run an efficient and clean medical area. Promote good dental hygiene to both employees and patients with cleansing wipes and pads.

Dental Non-Woven Dressings

Make sure your dental office has the best top quality products. Our Non-Woven Dressings provide the perfect combination of protection and comfort. The DUKAL Premium Non Woven Sponges are a thick rayon/poly blend and more absorbent than our standard non woven sponges. These products are gentle on skin, comfortable, breathable and allow for quick healing.

Dental Personal Protection

Dental workers and oral surgeons know that it is not only important to protect the patients but themselves. Dukal quality is offered in a variety of products to meet all your protection needs. Choose from a variety of surgical masks and disposable scrub wear. Keep your staff safe with dental personal protection.

Dental Surgical Dressings, Sponges, & Towels

Keep your dental office stocked with all the necessary supplies it needs to run efficiently. We have a large variety of dental surgical dressings, sponges & towels to choose from. We carry O.R. towels and kittner dissectors as well as prep, section, peanut, tonsil and cherry sponges. Be prepared for all orthodontal scenarios by purchasing dental surgical dressings today.

Dental Tapes

Stock your orthodontal office with the proper dental tapes you will need. We sell Dukal quality durable tape. Choose from a variety of different dental tapes, including cloth tape, paper tape, transparent tape, and waterproof tape. These dental tapes are hypoallergenic and latex free to prevent any allergic reactions.

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