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Disposable Grossing Boards

LABboards Disposable Cutting Boards
Sides Can Be Folded-up to Contain Fluids
LABboards were borne out of extensive on-site laboratory observations and professional feedback. The boards are made from heavy duty scalpel-friendly paperboard, printed with helpful metric measurements and coated with a fluid-resistant polyethylene barrier.

LABboards are the premier disposable laboratory cutting surface for busy professionals.

LABboards are available in three sizes to accommodate small biopsies to large gross anatomy procedures.

Biopsy & Grossing Board Features
Standard Features on Disposable Biopsy and Grossing LABboards

  • Liquid resistant polyethylene coating
  • Metric sizing circles
  • 50-count packs
  • Scalpel friendly cutting surface
  • Heavy-duty patented SBS paperboard construction
  • Scored perimeter allows sides to be folded up for fluid containment
  • Validated for most sterilization methods (except autoclave)
  • Centimeter field grid

LABboards Disposable Cutting Boards

LABBoards Disposable Cutting Boards from MedNet Direct are the premier cutting surface for laboratory professionals. These disposable cutting boards are made from high-quality paperboard with pre-printed metric measuring areas and liquid barrier for added convenience. LABboards Disposable Cutting Boards are available in 3 sizes to accommodate the specimens collected from many standard lab procedures from small biopsies to larger anatomy procedures. LABboards also feature a scalpel-friendly cutting surface.

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