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Incontinence Care

Select Med Net Direct for all of your incontinence care needs. We are the premier online source of disposable medical supplies, and we stock over 20 different types of incontinence care products. Choose from trusted, top brand incontinence care items, such as briefs, overnight protection products, cleansing wipes, and even baby and toddler training products. Whether you have young children, elderly parents or are recovering from a medical procedure, we provide all the incontinence care products you need.

Air-Permeable Dry Pads

Choose Air-Permeable Dry Pads for your incontinence care needs. These pads are ideal for use in beds or on chairs. The super absorbent core absorbs and wicks excess moisture away from the skin, preventing sores and skin irritation. The moisture resistant back liner shields bedsheets and cushions from leaks and drips, preventing stains and odors.

AirActive Briefs

AirActive Briefs offer superior incontinence are protection. These briefs are designed with a 3 layer core for maximum absorbency and skin dryness. The contoured leg openings ensure a proper fit for each patient. The soft material ensures long lasting comfort and protects skin from rashes, chaffing, and other irritations.

Aloe Touch Cleansing Wipes

For quick cleanup, choose Medline's selection of Cleansing Wipes. Choose from Aloe touch wipes, for additional skin soothing. We also have scented Ready Wipes and Ready Flush disposable, flushable wipes. Cleansing wipes are ideal for baby care, makeup removal and a variety of everyday uses.


Baribrief briefs are designed for a comforting fit and maximum absorbency. The ultra absorbent core quickly absorbs moisture, keeping skin dry while the blue dryness layer further helps prevent moisture from touching skin. Plus, stretchable side wings help provide proper and comfortable fit. Baribriefs have dual tape closures, ensuring a proper fit, and allowing for refastening.


Comfort-Aire high quality briefs are available in 4 sizes to meet the needs of any patients, and have re-fastenable tape tabs with new "grab anywhere" technology allow the best possible fit. These disposable briefs offer superior wetness protection to protect the skin against irritation. The 100% breathable sides and front areas allow for maximum patient comfort and the airflow prevents skin breakdown. Choose Comfort-Aire briefs for the ultimate in patient comfort.

Dry Disposable Wipes

Dry disposable wipes are ideal for a number of uses for incontinence care, as well as other household uses. These premium dry disposable wipes are sterile and offer more absorbency than pre-moistened wipes, while maintaining softness and durability. Disposable dry wipes are also ideal for cleaning, dusting and removing makeup. Keep a supply of disposable dry wipes on hand for all of your home and home care needs.

Dry Time Youth Underwear

Often children are embarrassed by overnight accidents than can occur during toilet training years. Keep your child's confidence high, and their bed and pajamas dry by using Dry Time Youth Underwear. These undergarments are made just for youth, and aren't as bulky and uncomfortable as other brands, but still offer maximum overnight wetness protection. Dry Time Youth Underwear will help kids toilet train with ease.

DryTime Baby Diapers

Similar to Dry Time Youth Underwear, the Dry Time Baby Diapers are made just for babies. Dry Time Baby Diapers are more cost effective and just as effective at protecting against leaks as expensive store brands. help reduce your baby care costs, while still keeping your baby dry and their delicate skin protected with Dry Time Baby Diapers. Since babies are very active, Dry Time Baby Diapers are also easy to re-fasten and adjust if necessary.


Liners are ideal for patients who don't require a full brief, or only have occasional incontinence issues. These Liners easily stick to undergarments to prevent them from moving and offer superior wetness protection, and are more comfortable than full briefs. These Liners are impossible to detect underclothing, making them a discreet solution to the occasional incontinence issue.

Overnight Briefs

Med Net offers high-quality Molicare overnight briefs for those patients who suffer from overnight bladder control issues. Many people only have incontinence issues during the long nighttime period, and these briefs are ideal for such patients. Molicare overnight briefs offer superior overnight wetness protection to protect clothing and bedsheets from messy accidents. Overnight briefs are also ideal for the occasional nightime accident.

Overnight Underwear

Similar to overnight briefs, Medline overnight underwear goes on like regular underwear, and does not have side fasteners. Overnight underwear is designed to stay in place during the night, ensuring protection when while nighttime movement occurs. Offering maximum overnight wetness protection, patients can wake up with clean, dry pajamas and bedding with overnight underwear.

Prot Plus Classic Protective Underwear

Prot Plus Classic Protective Underwear features a breathable cloth-like covering to provide patient comfort and promote better skin care. The super absorbent core in each pair of protective underwear keeps moisture away from the skin and controls odor. The Pull-Up design has the comfort and feel of regular underwear, and stays in place better than briefs with side fasteners.

Prot Plus Contoured Briefs

Prot Plus Contoured Briefs by Medline, contour to ensure a proper fit on every patient. These contoured brieds offer a quilted mat, a dryness layer, and flexible leg gathers. The flexible leg gathers allow for a custom fit and help prevent leaks, while the quilted mat and dryness layer offer superior wetness protection while keeping the skin dry and free from irritation.

Prot Plus Super Protective Underwear

Med Net carries high-quality Prot Plus Super Protective Underwear from Medline. These incontinence care products offer greater wetness protection and odor control than classic protective underwear, for those with frequent accidents. The Pull Up design looks and feels like regular underwear, contributing to patient comfort. Gathered leg cuffs prevent leaks, and help ensure a proper and comfortable fit for each patient.

Restore Briefs

Restore Briefs from Medline not only offer superior wetness protection and odor control, but the entire inner liner is pre-treated with Skin Repair Cream to help soothe irriated skin. This ointment also prevents skin breakdown and helps bed sores that can sometimes occur in bedridden patients. This cream is all natural, and an exclusive product of Medline!

Toddler Training Pants

Med Net's Toddler Training Pants are made of super absorbent polymer with baking soda help control heavy wetting and odor. Toddler Training Pants also feature an exclusive Softspand material that is soft and comfortable, making them seem more like real underwear. The Full stretch continuous waistband with all-around leg gathers controls leaks, and ensures a proper fit. Each pair of toddler training pants is printed with a fun design on the front toddlers will love, making them more like real underwear.

Ultra-Soft Classic Briefs

The Ultra-Soft Classic Briefs are ideal for patients who suffer from heavy accidents. The super absorbent core and blue acquisition layer absorbs wetness while keeping skin dry. The cloth like outer layer is comfortable against skin, helping to reduce irritation and breakdown. Ultra Soft Classic Briefs also offer breathable side panels that help patient comfort and allow skin to breathe.

Ultra-soft Briefs

Available in numerous sizes, the Ultrasoft briefs meet the needs of almost any patient with incontinence issues. The unique Fit-Right Tape Landing Zone, exclusive to Ultrasoft Briefs, makes it easy to determine proper sizing, ensuring the best possible fit. These briefs offer superior wetness protection and the soft material helps to reduce skin irritation and breakdown.

Ultra-soft Plus Briefs

The Ultra-soft plus briefs are designed for maximum wetness protection and odor control. These briefs are available in a number of sizes to help fit any patient. The cloth like outer layer is designed to feel soft against skin, effectively protecting skin against irritation and breakdown. The grab anywhere closure of the ultra-soft plus briefs ensures a proper and secure fit.


Med Net Direct offers Medine's line of protective undergarments to provide all patients with their incontinence care products. Choose from disposable Mesh or Knit Protection Plus pants to offer patients superior protection while maintaining a sense of independence. The Disposable Mesh and Knit Protection plus Pants look and feel like real underwear. We also offer Disposable Protection Plus Undergarments that help control moderate incontinence.

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