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1. Washable Puppy Pad Features

Our new washable puppy pads provide the same pet training piece of mind you have come to expect from our high-quality disposable puppy pads in a new eco-friendly design. Washable puppy pads provide the same superior protection from messy pet accidents as disposable pads, and offer the eco-minded pet owner additional comforts and cost savings. Learn about the features washable puppy pads come equipped with that help train your pet, prevent accidents and help the environment.


2. Highly Absorbent

Washable puppy pads are designed to be highly absorbent, to fulfill the needs of even the messiest pet. These washable puppy pads can hold up to one full cup of liquid to ensure your furniture, floors and carpeting is kept clean, stain free, and dry while you pup is in training. Our highly absorbent reusable puppy pads are ideal for use by any sized pet from small pups, to large fully grown breeds.


3. Leak Proof Vintex Barrier

In addition to being highly absorbent, each of our washable puppy pads features a unique vintex barrier that is not found on other brands of washable pet pads. This barrier is designed to keep all the liquid from seeping through the bottom of the puppy pad, keeping your furniture, carpet and pet beds clean and dry. The vintex barrier continues to provide superior leak protection wash after wash. Trust our washable puppy pads to provide the same superior leak proof protection you have come to expect from our disposable pet pads.


4. Eco-Friendly

What truly makes our washable puppy pads unique is their contribution to a cleaner planet! These pads are eco-friendly, and suit any eco-minded pet owner because they are reusable! No need to purchase additional cases of disposable pads, just simply purchase one case and reuse each pad up to 300 times. Washable puppy pads are easy to reuse, simply toss the used pads in the washing machine with other used pads, or wash alone, dry and reuse! Washing the pads won't negatively effect the absorbent core, or leak proof barrier. Enjoy the same protection wash after wash by using reusable puppy pads.

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