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Durable Medical Equipment

Med Net Direct offers a full line of the highest quality Durable Medical Equipment to provide patients with the devices they need to be comfortable in their own homes. Whether patients suffer from short term injuries or long term chronic conditions, using Durable Medical Equipment in the home can help create a sense of independence and comfort, allowing patients to remain independent in their own home. Our line of Durable Medical includes everything from bathroom assistance devices, to walkers and canes.

Bath Benches

When limited by mobility issues, or while recovering from an injury, it can be scary and difficult to stand in the shower. To help make this daily living activity easier, Med Net Direct offers a full line of Bath Benches to accommodate any patient's need. Choose from standard bath benches, with or without seat backs for those that do not require assistance entering the bath tub. For those requiring assistance getting into the bathtub, we offer transfer bath benches that patients can sit on outside the tub, and scoot into the bath area with ease. All of our bath benches are made with rubber feet for added stability and safety.


Whether patients suffer from short term injuries, or long term conditions, canes can provide a sense of independence and added safety. Med Net Direct has a wide variety of canes to provide mobility assistance. Choose from high quality quad canes, adjustable and standard aluminum canes, oak canes, fashion canes, and even folding canes. Med Net Direct is committed to providing the highest quality canes to offer patients the greatest sense of independence and mobility possible.


When recovering from surgery, injury or suffering from a chronic condition, having a household commode can make life a bit more comfortable. Med Net Direct offers a full line of commodes to accommodate a variety of patient needs. Choose from beside portable commodes, and accessories that attach to existing toilets to make bathroom mobility easier. Our commodes are high-quality and equipped with rubber footing and grips to for added safety and comfort.


When someone is recovering from an injury in your household, be sure to have a set of sturdy, comfortable crutches for the patient to use. Med Net Direct offer high quality standard and forearm crutches from Medline. We also offer accessories for crutches, such as arm pads, replacement rubber footings, and more to make recovery easier. The rubber footings on the crutches are ideal to keep floors from getting scuffed and scratched. Padded arm rests and hand grips provide added patient comfort.

Elevated Toilet Seats

If a commode is not necessary for a patients recovery or therapy, an elevated toilet seat may be an alternative option. Elevated toilet seats from Med Net Direct are available in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate the needs of any patient. Choose from the universal raised toilet seat, a contoured raised toilet seat and locking elevated toilet seats. All three of our elevated toilet seats are made form high quality, durable materials for patient safety and comfort.

Grab Bars

When a patient's condition requires added safety measures to prevent falls and slips, select high quality Grab Bars from Med Net Direct. We offer bathtub grab bars that attach to the edge of bathtubs, or traditional grab bars for the inside shower walls or other household areas. Grab bars area available in stainless steel and white to match any decor and provide extra stability and safety to any bath area. Durable and sturdy, our Grab Bars can accommodate many weights and withstand heavy use.

IV Stands

For home treatments requiring IV medications and fluids, make sure your patients have a sturdy, hospital quality IV stand. Med Net Direct's high quality IV stands are equipped with wheels for easy patient mobility. IV are available with 2-4 IV hooks to accommodate a number of different IV bags. With home IV stands patients can go home sooner and still get their required medications and fluids in the comfort and security of their own homes.


Walkers can provide patients with a sense of independence and increase home mobility. Med Net offers a large selection of walkers to help patients go about their daily activities with ease. Choose from traditional non folding walkers, walkers with wheels, folding walkers and even riding walkers. Many of our riding walkers come equipped with baskets and pockets to store items such as groceries, purses and shopping bags. We also offer replacement footings for walkers to ensure floors and carpets remain undamaged.

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