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Dog Grooming Tips

If you own a type of dog that needs frequent grooming, you know that those weekly and bi-weekly grooming trips can add up quickly.

In addition to being costly, your pet may also be uncomfortable at the groomer. Luckily you can eliminate the expense of the groomer and make your pet more comfortable by grooming your dog at home yourself. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will find an assortment of dog grooming tools and dog grooming aids for many dog breeds to keep your pet looking great for less.

Grooming your dog yourself is quite easy with the proper tools. Some breeds may require additional dog grooming tools, but most dogs can be groomed with a few simple items. You'll need some dog shampoo, the proper type of dog brush or comb, a pair of dog hair scissors or cutters, and dog nail cutters.

Begin your dog's grooming session by giving your pet a bath either outside or in a bathtub. It will be easier to brush and cut your pet's hair with the dog brush and dog clippers when wet. Next you will want to cut your pet's fur to the proper length. Keeping your pet's hair trimmed will help prevent shedding and keep pet's cool during the summer.

The most difficult part of home dog grooming is cutting your dog's nails. It's important to use proper dog nail clippers, as using improper tools can cause injury to your pet. Hold you pet still while you trim their nails, and only trim a small amount as trimming too much can cause bleeding.

With these simple tips, and the proper dog grooming tools from MEDNET Direct your pet can look great for less.

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