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Dog Care

Man's best friend requires many items for a long healthy life. At the MEDNET pet store, find everything for your canine friend including a variety of dog food products for every stage of life, training supplies including our bestselling Puppy Pads, and other pet health care products such as flea medication. For puppy playtime, browse our large selection of dog toys, we have everything from chew toys, to squeak toys and tennis balls. MEDNET also has everything you may need to help your dog feel at home in your home, such as dog beds, dog treats, and of course collars and leashes! Get everything your pet will ever need at MEDNET wholesale prices in our pet store.

Dog Body Parts & Chews

Treat your pet to one of MEDNET Direct's dog treats or dog chews. No matter what breed of dog you have, utilizing treats as a reward will help any pet while in training. Your dog will quickly become addicted to the real flavors and ingredients used to make our high quality dog treats. Dog chews can also be a great training aid, and can help encourage your dog to chew on the dog chews rather than your furniture or shoes. Your pet will soon become accustomed to the privileged life when he or she is rewarded with delicious, mouth-watering dog treats


Dog Cable Products

Many pet owners utilize dog cable products to help in training. Dog cable products include everything you need for a proper dog tie-out. Dog Tie-outs are great for training dogs not to stray far from home. Many pet owners also use dog tie-outs while camping, at parks, or on vacation. On a daily basis, using a tie-out if you live in an area without a fenced in yard can offer your dog the ability to enjoy the fresh air, and roll in the grass. Dog tie-outs come with a variety of cables in different lengths and colors depending on the size of your outdoor area.

Dog Chain Products

Using dog chain products are a great alternative to dog cable products. Similar to dog cable products, dog chain products are also used to create a custom tie out for your pet. Dog chains are more ideal for larger dogs that could possibly break away from a cable rope. Chain ropes also withstand weather better than cable products, which is helpful in areas where tie-outs are kept outside all year long. Your dog can also benefit from using a cable tie-out if you live in a condo complex or large land area without a fenced in yard. Dog Chain tie-outs help keep pets closer to home.

Dog Collars & Leads - Pattern

Whether you just got a new pet, or are in search of a collar to better match the personality of your dog, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store! We have one of the largest selections of patterned dog collars and leads for you to choose. Here you will find a variety of fun and colorful patterned dog collars and dog leashes to fit the personality of your pet. Maybe your dog would look great in hot pink polka dots, or perhaps your dog would prefer a traditional, classy plaid print. No matter what your dog's preference is, we are sure to have the patterned dog collar and matching dog leash for your dog.

Collars & Leads - Specialty

In addition to solid colored dog collars and dog leashes, the MEDNET Pet Store is also full of specialty dog collars and dog leashes. Our collection of high-quality dog collars and dog leads include flea and tick collars to help prevent fleas and ticks from infecting your dog. We also have specialty dog collars and dog leashes that are made from specialty materials to help pets with allergies, such as latex. We also have dog leashes and dog collars in special sizes to perfectly fit extra large and small pets.

Dog Beds

Provide your dog with a cozy dog pet where they are free to dream of running through large grasslands, and of delicious dog treats. The MEDNET Pet Store is full of all types of pet beds to suit any breed of dog. We have small beds for small breeds such as Pomeranians, Poodles and Bishons and medium beds for medium dogs such as Shepards, Shelties, and hound dogs. Our large beds are perfect for big dogs such as labs, retrievers and bull dogs. No matter what breed of dog you have, a special pet bed all their own will help your dog get a good night's rest.

Dog Biscuits

Dog Biscuits are the most popular form of dog treats on the market. At The MEDNET Pet store you will find a large variety of specialty dog biscuits for any breed of dog. We offer name brand dog biscuits in different sizes to ensure your pet is eating the proper sized treat. Our dog biscuits are available in many flavors from traditional flavors, to flavors such as beef, vegetables and more to entice the taste buds of your pet. Some dog biscuits are also designed to help promote a healthy, clean dog teeth and gums. To reward your dog, and help keep their mouth healthy, choose MEDNET's dog biscuits.

Dog Books - By Breed

If you are the first time owner of a specific breed of dog or just want to know more about the personality and idiosyncrasy of your pet, you'll want to purchase a dog book to read up on the subject. MEDNET Direct offers many informational dog books about many popular dog breeds. In the pages of our dog books you'll learn important information about your pet, such as their diet and nutrition needs, diseases your pet is prone to, behavioral traits and even training tips to help your pet learn the ropes of your home quickly.

Dog Books - Generic

If you are considering adopting a dog, or just want to learn more about dogs in general, a generic dog book is right for you. Generic dog books are filled with generalized information about dogs, dog breeds, the history of dogs and more interesting facts about our four-legged friends. Learning about dogs is the perfect way to educate yourself before adopting a pet. If you do plan to be a pet owner, it is important to know how to properly care for your new pet, its part of being a responsible pet owner.

Dog Carriers

Whether you are taking your pet to the vet, on vacation, to work or school, it's important to have a proper dog carrier to safely transport your pet. Using a dog carrier is a safe bet in a vet's office, to help keep your pet away from other pets that may attack your dog. Dogs get very nervous and scared at the vet, so you'll want to ensure your pet is secure. It's also important to have a proper pet carrier if you are traveling by airplane. Airlines require pets to be kept in a carrier as a courtesy to other passengers. Using a dog carrier is also great if you are traveling by car because it will keep your car pet hair free, and keep your pet from freely roaming your car, which will help keep them safe in case you suddenly stop or get in an accident.

Dog Coats

Next winter, don't let your dog be impacted by the harsh winter weather, buy he or she a dog coat. Dog coats are not only very trendy and fashionable these days, but they will help keep your dog warm this winter. Our line of dog coats is ideal for any dog, but especially those smaller dog breeds, outdoor dogs, and dogs with short or thin hair. Dog coats are easy to put on too, most are made to slip on or are equipped with velcro or zippers for easy dressing. Whether you are taking your dog for a walk, or to the kennel while you go on winter vacation, make sure your pet is warm by using a dog coat.

Dog Dental Products

Your dog's dental health is vital to their overall health. Keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy with MEDNET's brand name selection of dog dental products. Dog dental products include things such as specialty dog foods designed to promote healthy teeth and gums. We also have dog treats designed for a healthy mouth. Additionally you will find dog breath fresheners, dog toothbrushes and toothpastes too for those dogs who need special care. MEDNET's Pet Store has everything you need to ensure your dog has a healthy bark and bite.

Dog Dishes & Bowls

One of the first things you will purchase for your new dog is a food and water dish. Every dog should have their own food and water dish that has not been used by any previous dogs you may have owned. If you have multiple dogs, you should also invest in individual dog dishes, as some dogs are very possessive of their food. MEDNET offers a large selection of dog dishes for food and water. We have separated dog dishes in all sizes to meet the needs of your dog. Dog dishes are available in multiple materials also, from stainless steel to plastic. Additionally you will find dual dog dishes offering a compartment for food and water.

Dog Doors

Dog Doors are a great edition to any home where dogs can enjoy a fenced in area. Using a dog door is especially ideal if you live in a household where dogs cannot be let out for longer periods of time. Installing dog doors is easy, and they will offer you and your pet a happier household. Dog Doors come in many sizes so be sure to get the dog door that will best allow your pets to pass through easily. Also be cautious if you have cats, you do not want your cat to run away via the dog door, so be sure to monitor it's use early on. Pet owners should also be mindful that their gates are secure, so your dog cannot escape. Dog doors should also be locked if repair crews will be accessing your pets for safety.

Dog Feeders & Waterers

If you have multiple pets, or just a messy eater on your hands, you should consider a dog feeder or waterer. Many dogs slurp their water, causing more water to end up on the floor than in their mouth. Slippery floors can be a safety hazard for household members, and the spillage can cause your pet to not get enough water. Dog feeders and waterers are great for those with multiple pets, allowing only one pet to eat at a time, and keep the meal time mess to a minimum. Dog feeders and waterers are easy to clean and maintain as well.

Dog Flea & Tick Products

Every pet owner should keep a supply of flea and tick products on hand in case of an outbreak. Fleas and Ticks can easily be transferred from one dog to the next in your household, so it's important to treat all your pets if a flea or tick is present. Dog flea and tick products are available in many varieties to prevent and kill fleas and ticks. You'll find dog flea and tick shampoo, flea and tick powder and flea and tick collars to help keep your dog healthy.

Dog Food - Canned

Canned dog food is great food choice for any dog breed. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will find a large selection of name brand canned dog food in many delicious flavors your dog will eat right up. Many dogs prefer the taste of canned dog food to dry dog food, and many pet owners keep a few cans on hand to mix with dry food or to use as a extra treat. Canned dog food is also ideal for puppies, providing great nutrition as they grow, and for older dogs who maybe can't chew as well.

Dog Grooming Aids

Proper and frequent grooming is very important part of your dog's health. Dog grooming can also be expensive so learning to groom your dog can be more cost efficient for you and will be more enjoyable for your dog. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will find a wide variety of dog grooming aids and supplies to keep your dog's coat looking great! Find appropriate dog brushes, dog comes, dog hair trimmers, dog nail trimmers along with dog shampoos and conditioners for both short and long haired dogs. Whether your dog requires frequent grooming, or just occasional trims, get all the dog grooming aids you need at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Grooming Tools

In addition to a large selection of dog grooming airs, the MEDNET Pet Store also carries a large variety of dog grooming tools to help maintain your dog's mane. Whether you have a short or long haired dogs, MEDNET is sure to have the appropriate tools to help you groom you pet's coat. Our dog grooming line contains a variety of name brand, professional dog grooming tools for you to use at home, saving you money on expensive groomer visits.

Dog Houses & Playpens

Dog Houses and playpens are ideal for any dog who will be outdoors for long periods of time. It's important to provide outdoor dogs with shelter from the elements, and a dog house is a great way to do just that. Dog playpens are ideal products if you live in an area with no fences, yet would still like your dog to be able to play outside for a while. Dog playpens offer a large space for dogs to run and play allowing them vital exercise, while keeping them from running after that bird or squirrel. Purchase your dog houses and dog playpens for your outdoor pet today from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Medications & Wormers

When your dog is ill or in pain, it's important to get he or she taken care of right away. In our selection of dog medication and dog wormers you'll find a variety of treatments for most common dog problems. You can enjoy wholesale pricing on dog wormers, dog aspirin, and a variety of dog skin creams for bites and skin irritation. For serious pet illness or injury you'll need to consult your vet, but for common dog illnesses and injuries, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Pillows & Mats

Dog Pillows and Dog Mats are great alternatives to traditional dog beds. Our selection of fun animal print dog pillows and mats will help inspire fun puppy dreams while your pet sleeps. Dog pillows and mats are available in many sizes to properly sleep any size dog. These are great for smaller homes, and can be placed on a regular bed if your pet sleeps in your bed to prevent your bed from getting full of hair. Dog pillows and mats are great for travel also, allowing pets to sleep comfortably in the car, or can be placed in a crate if traveling via airplane.

Dog Rain Gear

A quality set of dog rain gear is a must, especially for big city dogs, or dogs that need to go out on a leash. Many dogs will not go outside when it is raining, but using dog rain gear can help keep your dog dry from any rain drops. You can choose from dog rain coats with hoods great for walking your dog in the rain, or taking it out to use the bathroom. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will also find dog booties in disposable varieties, which are great for keeping pet paws free from mud and water. You can remove the dog booties before your dog comes inside, keeping floors mud free as well.

Dog Sanitary Garments

Our collection of Dog Sanitary Garments are perfect for older, ill dogs and dogs in heat. Our disposable dog pants, dog booties and dog undies are great for preventing accidents and messes in your home. The garments can be changed easily and you can place dog clothing over the doggie pants so no one has to see the doggie undies. For all dog sanitary needs choose the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Shampoo & Rinses

Dog grooming is an important part of dog care. For all your dog care needs choose the MEDNET Pet Store. We have several types of dog shampoo and conditioner to properly care for many dog hair types as well as sensitive dog skin. We even have medicated shampoo and conditioner for dogs with fleas, skin ailments, or other topical troubles. Stock up on all your dog grooming needs including dog shampoo and dog conditioners at wholesale prices from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Stain & Odor Products

Every pet owner should have a supply of dog stain and odor products on hand in case of an accident. These products are especially helpful if you have multiple pets, ill pets or your pets are still in training. We have everything you need to properly clean dog stains from carpet, furniture and flooring without damage. We also have dog odor granules and sprays that are great for use on carpet after vacuuming or on furniture before company arrives.

Dog Sweaters

Dog sweaters are perfect for many occasions. We have a large selection of fun and stylish dog sweaters for almost any size and breed of dog. Whether you dress up your dog for holidays or just are looking for something to keep your pet warm in the winter, look no further than then MEDNET selection of dog sweaters. Dog sweaters are perfect for smaller pets and pets with thin fur to help keep them warm during winter months. Dog sweaters are comfortable and easy to get on and off your pet.

Dog T-Shirts & Sweats

During the summer months, ditch the dog sweater and break out dog t-shirts and other dog clothing. Your dog will be the most fashionable dog on the block with MEDNET's selection of of dog clothing at wholesale prices. We have fun dog clothing for all breeds and sizes of dogs, so we're sure to have something that fits your pet. Whether you choose dog clothing for special occasions, or just fun graphic tees to let everyone know how spoiled your pet is, we have the dog clothing for you at MEDNET Direct.

Dog Toys - Fleece & Plush

Dog Toys are one of the most important dog care products you can get for your pet. Dog toys provide pets with a pastime and playing with your dog is a great way to build your relationship. Use playtime as a reward when your pet does something well, or just for fun. Your pet will love our collection of fleece and plush toys in all shapes and sizes. When selecting your dog toys, be sure to choose and appropriately sized dog toy, so your pet doesn't choke. The type of dog toy you need for your dog may vary over time. Dog toys are also great for dogs because they will be encouraged to play with their toys instead of chewing your shoes or inappropriate items.

Dog Toys - Latex

If your pet isn't a fan of plush dog toys, perhaps they will like latex toys. Latex dog toys include everything from squeak toys to playing balls. With latex toys, be sure you and your pet do not have latex allergies to ensure your pet's safety. Also when using squeak toys, although very popular among dog owners, be sure to monitor that the squeaker doesn't come loose. If it does, make sure you take it away from your pet to prevent choking or other injury. Enjoy playtime with your pet with MEDNET's high-quality, name brand latex dog toys.

Dog Toys - Other

Having a variety of Dog Toys for your dog is essential for their well being. Dog Toys provide a great source of fun, and also a great source of exercise. Using dog toys can also help train your pet easily. Other Dog Toys contains a great selection rubber dog toys, latex dog toys, rope dog toys or vinyl dog toys. It's a great idea to have a several types of dog toys on hand until you learn which types of dog toys your dog prefers.

Dog Toys - Rope

Rope Dog Toys are ideal for any type of dog. Most rope dog toys are tug ropes, and they provide a great way for the owner to play tug or war with their pets. Rope Dog Toys are also great for keeping dog's teeth clean, and can strengthen their jaw muscles. There are many other uses for dog rope toys too, including playing catch or keep away. By purchasing your dog a rope toy, you are guaranteed hours of fun for both you and your dog.

Dog Toys - Rubber

Rubber Dog Toys are very popular dog toy choices. Rubber dog toys have many options for dog play. You can choose from rubber balls, rubber chew toys, and even rubber squeak toys. Rubber Toys are great for dogs who like to chew because the rubber will last long, despite the best chewers. Dogs who have rubber dog toys can play with the toys alone, or owners can use the toys to play catch, keep away and to help teach tricks. You can never go wrong with rubber dog toys from MEDNET Direct.

Dog Toys - Vinyl

Vinyl Dog Toys offer the same benefits as rubber dog toys. Vinyl is a similar material to rubber and is perfect if your pet is allergic to rubber dog toys. Vinyl Dog Toys include fun designs such as treat balls, squeak balls and toys and chew toys. Vinyl Dog Toys are also weather resistant, so they can be played with both indoors and outdoors. Owners can play games with their pet using Vinyl Dog Toys or dogs can play alone while owners are at work or school. Promote a healthy and fun lifestyle for you and your pet with Vinyl Dog Toys from the MEDNET Pet Store.

Dog Training Aids

Having a great dog for life begins with great training. May people find it difficult to train a pet, especially first time pet owners. This is why MEDNET Direct carries an full line of pet training aids to help get your pet's behavior in check. Dog training aids include potty training aids, such as Puppy Pads. Potty training is one of the most important things to teach your pet. We also have other dog training aids to help teach your pet to properly walk on a leash, do tricks and much more.

Dog Treats

Dog Treats are very important to your pet. Dog Treats can be used to train your pet, allowing you to give your pet a reward when they do a task correctly. Dog Treats are also great ways to show how much you love your pet. There are many types of Dog Treats to choose from, meeting the dietary needs of your pet. We also have treats for small to large breed dogs. Making sure you choose an appropriate treat for your pet will prevent choking if the treat is too small or large. The MEDNET Pet Store is full of dog biscuits, chew treats, bones and chewy treats for your best friend.

Dog Vitamins & Supplements

Just like humans, dogs need vitamins and supplements to keep healthy. If your pet's food isn't providing enough nutrition, or your pet is ill or older, vitamins and supplements can help. Dog vitamins and supplements can help prevent illness, provide extra nutrition and help make dog's coat shiny. The MEDNET Pet Store is full of dog vitamins and supplements for most dog breeds and nutritional needs. Buying dog vitamins and supplements at MEDNET Direct can help save money by taking advantage of wholesale prices that you won't get at the Vet's office.

Dog Waste Removal Products

If you have a pet that often accompanies you on trips, or just a dog who gets frequently walked around the neighborhood, you'll need a variety of dog waste removal products for your convenience. If you are walking your dog and they have to go, you'll need to clean it up to prevent the wrath of neighbors; some parks and public areas also require you to do so. Our Dog Waste bags work great for that, and help to control odors until you can get to a trash can. It's also handy to have these dog waste removal products while traveling long distances by car or plane in case of an accident.

Dog Hair Pick-Ups & Rollers

We all love our dogs, but we certainly don't love pet hair on furniture or our clothing. Having pet hair pick-ups and rollers can help combat pet hair in your home. Sometimes vacuuming is not enough, and vacuums cannot be used on furniture, but our pet hair pickups and rollers can! Pickups and rollers quickly pick up any pet hair left behind by your pet on your carpet, furniture and even clothing. Pet hair can be a be problem for most pet owners no matter how long or short your pet's hair is.

Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses offer a great alternative to the traditional dog collar. Dog harnesses are great because your pet cannot squirm out of a harness, and they won't choke your pet if they get caught on something. Leashes, pet seat belts and other pet accessories easily attach to the dog harness, so you can take your pet on a walk, car ride or leave them on a tie out. Dog harnesses are available in many sizes and colors to ensure a proper fit, and match your pet's leash.

Dog ID Tags

One of the easiest ways to keep your pet safe is to invest in an inexpensive Dog ID Tag. Every Dog should have an ID Tag securely attached to their collar that contains their name, address and contact phone number. People are more likley to help a lost pet if they see they have an ID Tag and collar. This is a good alert that the dog is not s stray. Having a Dog ID Tag will help your pet get returned safely should they become lost. Dog ID Tags are also good for vet appointments and kennel stays, so workers know which dog is which.

Dog Leather Collars & Leads

Leather Dog Collars and Leads are ideal for any pet owner. Every pet needs a collar for their ID Tag and to attach a leash to. Dog leads and leashes are great for dog walks, dog training and dog travel. Keeping your pet on a leash while in an unfenced area will help keep your pet from running off, getting lost and away from other animals. No matter what type of pet you have, invest in a properly sized dog leash and dog collar.

Dog Muzzles

Dog Muzzles are a great tool to have on hand. Utilize a dog muzzle if your pet has a tendency to bite, bark or behave inappropriately. Muzzles are also great if your pet recently had surgery, to keep it from licking the wound. A dog muzzle is also helpful for the first few encounters your pet has with other animals. Using a Dog Muzzle in these situations will ensure everyone's safety while you learn how your pet reacts. Every responsible pet owner should invest in a Dog Muzzle.

Dog Novelty Rawhide - Bulk

Dogs love rawhide treats, and now you can get them in bulk from MEDNET Direct. Rawhide bones are great to use as special treats for pets. Your dog will be occupied chewing on their rawhide treat for hours. Chewing on rawhide treats will help strengthen dog's jaw muscles, and help keep teeth clean and healthy.

Dog Novelty Rawhide - Packaged

If you are looking for an extra special treat for your pet try a novelty rawhide. Novelty rawhides for dogs offer fun shapes, additional flavors and various sizes to treat your pet to something special. No matter what breed of dog you have, you'll be able to find a special rawhide treat at the MEDNET Pet Store. Rawhide treats come in delicious flavors your pet will love such as chicken, pork, beef, bacon and many more.

Dog Nylon Bones - Edible

Nylon Bones are becoming very popular toys and treats for dogs. The premier manufacturer of Nylon Dog Bones is Nylabone. Nylabone offers an assortment of dog bones and edible treats for dogs based on size. Nylon Dog Bones are ideal chew toys because the Nylon lasts a long time, and helps to keep dogs teeth clean. Additionally, Nylon Dog Bones are also available in flavors to incite your pet's taste buds. Nylabone also makes edible dog bones in great flavors that taste great and help clean dog's teeth and freshen breath.

Dog Nylon Collar & Lead - Braided

Nylon Dog Collars are essential for every pet owner. You'll need a durable dog collar to properly secure your dog's ID tag. A Dog Collar is also perfect for attaching a leash to. With a properly fitted collar and leash, you'll be able to train your pet, take your pet for walks, travel with your pet and so much more. Nylon Dog Collars and leads that are braided from the MEDNET Pet Store are very durable and strong, perfect for even the strongest dogs. These Nylon Dog Collars and Leads come in fun colors and patterns to fit with your pet's style.

Dog Nylon Collar & Lead - Flat

Nylon Dog Collars and Leads from MEDNET Direct offer a great way to walk your pet. In addition to dog walking, dog collars provide a place for your pet's ID Tag, and are great training tools. Dog collars and leashes work together to make pet traveling easy! Your pet won't run away while they are on a leash, and many dog seat belts can be attached via the collar. Whether you take your pet on trips to the vet or on vacation, you'll need an appropriate dog leash and collar. Flat Dog Collars and leashes are the most common type of leash and collars for dogs and come in many fun colors and prints.

Dog Rawhide Bones - Packaged

Every dog loves rawhide bones! Your dog will be willing to do almost every trick they know to earn one of these special rawhide treats. Rawhide treats are perfect for dogs because they last a long time and truly show your pet how much you care for them. As a pet owner you can rest assured that giving your dog a rawhide treat will help keep their teeth clean and strengthen their jaw muscles. With flavors your dog can't resist such as chicken, beef, bacon, pork and vegetables you are sure to please your pet with every rawhide bone.

Dog Retractable Leads

Retractable leads are one of the most popular types of dog leads on the market. A retractable leash offers many benefits to pet walking that a traditional leash does not. The plastic handle of a retractable lead is comfortable for pet owners to hold. It securely attached to a leash or harness with ease, and the lead will automatically get longer or shorter depending on your dog's stride. This is perfect if you have multiple pets that walk at different paces. Retractable leads also allow the owner to lock the length of the lead, helping to keep pets from going too far, or encountering another animal.

Dog Signs

Dog signs are required for certain communities and subdivisions. It's helpful to have a beware of dog sign in your home because it lets parents know that a dog is present and to watch their children. It is also a great security feature, as dogs deter burglars and trespassers. If you do have a vicious dog, its important to make people of your dog so accidents don't happen and you don't get sued. Invest in your dog sign today.

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