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Burn Sheet Disposable Linen Products
Emergency Blankets Survival Wrap

These products make a good economical alternative to using cloth linens. The DUKAL products offer a variety of sizes and weights to meet all market needs.

Disposable Linens

MedNet offers high quality Disposable Linens. Our disposable linens are fluid resistant, and available in regular and heavy duty. The Emergency Blankets are fluid impervious and can meet all your protection needs. Trust MedNet for all of your Disposable Linen needs.

Burn Sheet

MedNet Direct provides Medical Burn Sheets. Our Burn Sheets are made of a laminated spun bounded material. Great for providing a sterile environment to protect a patient from infection. The burn sheet is durable and safe for use, and also won’t tear. Perfect for use in a variety of environments. MedNet Direct is a must have for your Medical operation.

Disposable Linen Products

Disposable Linen Products are a top quality product from MedNet Direct. Perfect for one time use, fluid resistant pillow cases and fitted sheets are a must have for your medical facility. Emergency Blankets and Burn Sheets are very necessary to stock up for a multitude of emergency situations. MedNet Dirtect has your Disposable Linen Products.

Emergency Blankets

The Emergency Blankets from MedNet Direct are superior on performance. Perfect for a multitude of emergency situations and work in a variety of environments. Survival Wrap and Burn Sheets are a must have for any Medical Facility. Be sure to stock up on Emergency Blankets from MedNet Direct today.

Survival Wrap

Survival Wrap from MedNet Direct is a great product with amazing value. The DUKAL Survival Blanket is a durable silver foil wrap, made with top quality. Perfect for a variety of emergency situations and great for maintaining body temperature. Amazingly convenient to store anywhere. Get Survival Wrap from MedNet Direct.

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