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Disposable Latex Gloves

Disposable Latex Gloves have been trusted for used in the medical and dental fields for years. These disposable latex gloves are made from top quality latex, for a snug fit and fluid resistant protection. These gloves are available in powder free and powdered varieties for a multitude of general purpose and exam usage.

General Purpose Latex Gloves Examination Latex Gloves
Ideal for janitorial, food services, automotive and household applications.
Ideal for medical, clinical, healthcare and tattooing applications.

Disposable Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are manufactured using a natural fluid derived from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. After a strict manufacturing process, the end product is a natural latex glove for medical exam or industrial use.

There are several different grades of latex gloves. The most common are exam or medical grade. Examination grade gloves are perfect for medical use in clinics, hospitals and health care providers. These gloves pass strict ASTM standards before they can be labeled as an exam grade latex glove.

General purpose or industrial grade gloves are designed to be used in a non-medical environment.  This type of glove is often used by janitoral service providers as a barrier against harmful cleaning chemicals. These latex gloves are also great for home or school use.

MEDNET Direc also offers nitrile gloves as well as vinyl gloves as alternatives for people who may be allergic to latex gloves.

General Purpose Latex Gloves

Med Net Direct's General Purpose Latex gloves are made from high quality latex, and are Industrail and Utility Graded. These gloves are ideal for use in the janitorial, household, automotive or beauty industries. General Puropse Latex Gloves are not approved for medical industries. Our general purpose disposable latex gloves are available in both powder and powder free types.

Examination Latex Gloves

Our top quality latex exam gloves are made with a low allergen latex to provide added safety for both workers and patients. These latex gloves are Examination Grade or Medical Grade, meaning they are designed and approved for medical use. Our disposable latex gloves are available in both powder free and powdered styles to meed the needs and preferences of your medical staff.

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