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Designed specifically for COLD therapy for dental procedures. Dentist recommended and hospital proven relief for swelling, exactions, wisdom teeth pulling, TMJ.

Dental Pack Cold Compress is reusable, non-toxic, hospital proven, and safe for use with children. Apply to injured area wrapped in a soft cloth or Nortech's Blue Easy Sleeves (CTK47-12).
Dental Pack Cold Compress features:
Easy to Use: Freeze for Cold Therapy.
Safe: non-toxic so it is safe for children and environmentally friendly.
Clean: can be washed easily and remains odor and bacteria free.
Flexible at 0F- Contours readily to all parts of the body.
Latex Free, Non-Toxic.
Safe for Children with Adult Supervision.
Hospital Proven / Recommended by Doctors.
Great Replacement for Ice Bags.
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