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Dental Adhesive Strips Dental Conforming Stretch Gauze

Dental Bandages

MedNet Direct offers a full line of high quality DUKAL dental bandages and gauzes to fulfill the needs of any dental practice. Choose from dental adhesive strips for dressing wounds that have to stay covered. We also offer Dental conforming stretch gauze, which is ideal for a number of wounds inside the mouth. This gauze will conform to the contours of the wound and stay in place. To meet all of your patients dental injuries, select MedNet's DUKAL dental bandages.

Dukal offers a full range of bandages from elastic to gauze, to adhesive to conforming to better fit a wide range of market needs. Each Bandage is made to the high standards of DUKAL Quality and will meet and exceed expectations.

Dental Adhesive Strips

Dental adhesive strips are ideal for a multitude of uses within a dental office. Adhesive dental bandages are made from high-quality materials and are sterile for use in dental practices. Properly dress dental wounds with dental adhesive bandages to promote healing and to keep dental wounds from becoming infected. Adhesive bandages adhere to the skin and are easy to remove when the wound is healed. Select DUKAL dental adhesive bandages for all of your dental patients.

Dental Conforming Stretch Gauze

To treat dental wounds, select high quality DUKAL conforming stretch gauze. This gauze is sterile and highly absorbent, which is ideal for mouth injuries. Dental conforming stretch gauze fits easily inside the mouth and will conform and stick to wounds. Dental gauze provides protection for the wound, preventing bacteria from entering while promoting a fast healing time. This gauze is easy to change and ideal for a variety of uses in the dental industry.

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