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DUKAL continues to offer Quality Products to meet and exceed user expectations. We offer a variety of Cotton and Wood products to assist in providing good patient care.

Cotton & Wood Products

MedNet has great quality Cotton and Wood Products for your medical work place. Purchase cotton medical supplies such as rolls for wounds, stockinette for casts, and tipped applicators. We carry wooden tongue depressors, cotton balls, and other supplies used during most regular check-ups. Be stocked and ready for all of your patients with top of the line Cotton and Wood Products.

1 lb Cotton Roll

Our 1 lb Cotton Roll is a great quality product. Perfect for a variety of Medical use. Give your patients the most trusted brands and products to treat and care for them. Stock you Medical Operation with Plenty of 1 lb Cotton Roll. Get your 1 lb Cotton Roll and other medical products from MedNet Direct.

Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls from MedNet Direct are a high quality product. Our Cotton Balls are clean and absorbent. Perfect for treatment of patients and great for a multitude of Medical Treatments. These Cotton Balls should always be stocked at your Medical Operation. Get your Cotton Balls and Medical Supplies from MedNet Direct.

Cotton Stockinette

Cotton Stockinette is must have for any Medical Facility. Use Cotton Stockinette for a variety of Medical use. Perfect for proper care of patients. Sterile and clean, a top quality product. Keep Cotton Stockinette close at hand in your Medical Operation. MedNet Direct has great Cotton Stockinette.

Cotton Tipped Applicators

Cotton Tipped Applicators are a great Buy from MedNet Direct. Our Cotton Tipped applicators are clean and sterile. Made with top quality. These Cotton Tipped Applicators are perfect for patient use. Keep your Medical facility stocked with Cotton Tipped Applicators. MedNet Direct has great valued Cotton Tipped Applicators.

Tongue Depressors

Tongue Depressors from MEdNEt Direct are a great purchase. Perfect for patient check ups and other Medical uses. These wood tongue depressors are exceptional for oral use, spreading ointments, mixing medication, splints, as well as wood crafts. Keep Tongue Depressors on stock in your Medical facility. Purchase your Tongue Depressors from MedNet direct today!

Wood Applicators

Wood Applicators are a necessity at Medical Operations. Choose our Dukal Wood Applicators for your Medical treatment and check ups. These Wood Applicators are great for general use. Keep these Applicators stocked for your convenience. Trust MedNet Direct for your Wood Applicators.

Applicator & Wood Products

Applicator & Wood Products are a great purchase from MedNet. Applicators and Wood Products are made with quality and are a great value. Keep your Wood Products stocked in your Medical Operation. Perfect for general patient use. Trust MedNet Direct for your Applicator & Wood Products.

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