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Cat Care

For everything your feline friend will ever need shop the MEDNET pet store! We have everything your cat will need from the time they are a kitten, until they are a mature cat. Stock up on a variety of Cat Food products, including Cat Treats such as Catnip. Your kitten will also love our variety of cat toys that have all the bells and whistles- literally. MEDNET can also help keep your kitten healthy with a full line of pet health products, including specialty foods, flea medication, and cat dental supplies. You'll also find all the supplies you need to care for your feline on a daily basis, including cat beds, scratching posts, litter and litter boxes, kitten shampoo and more!

Cat Beds

Most house cats will sleep anywhere from your bed to a pile of freshly dried towels. Ensure that your cat has a proper cat bed, to encourage sleeping in a proper place. Cats will love to sleep on MEDNET's plush, cozy cat beds. Our cat beds are the perfect place for a cat nap for any breed of cat or kitten. By using our comfortable cat beds you can eliminate unwanted pet hair in your bed, or in your clean laundry basket.

Cat Books

Whether you are a first time cat owner, or just want to learn more about your cat's behavior, pick up a cat book in the MEDNET Pet Store. Our cat books are filled with tons of info about your cat. Learn about your cat's nutritional needs, health needs, dental needs and social needs. You will also learn important information regarding your cat's behavioral tendencies and tips to help properly train your cat in your cat book.

Cat Carriers

The easiest way to transport a cat from place to place is in a cat carrier. Cats are often scared of straying from their environment and will often hide when it is time to go someplace. BY using a cat carrier you cat will be more willing to travel because our cat carriers are very spacious and comfortable ways for cats to travel. Cat carriers are essential for airplane travelers because the airline require pets to be in a carrier as a courtesy to other travelers. Cat carriers are also great for taking cats to the vet or to the cat hotel while going on vacation.

Cat Collars and Leads

No matter what type of pet you own, it's essential to get your pet a collar. If you are looking for a collar for your cat, look no further than the MEDNET Pet Store. MEDNET offers a variety of cat collars and matching cat leashes and leads for any breed of cat. Choose from fun patterned cat collars, solid colored cat collars and even specialty cat collars including flea and tick collars. Having a collar for your cat will help your cat to be safely returned home if he or she ever escapes. This is especially important for outdoor cats.

Cat Dental Products

One of the biggest health issues plaguing cats is dental issues. Help care for your cat's teeth with a variety of cat dental products from MEDNET. We offer everything from specialty cat treats and cat food designed to help keep cat's teeth clean and healthy. We also offer cat toothpaste and other cat dental products to promote a healthy mouth in your cat. If you are unsure of what cat dental products are right for your cat, ask your vet.

Cat Dishes

Let your cat feast in style with a variety of fun cat dishes for any breed of cat. Every cat needs a cat food dish for their dry or wet cat food, along with a matching water dish. Always ensure your cat has their own cat dish, and does not have to share food or dishes with other pets. Also make sure your cat dishes are placed in a spot where the dog cannot eat their food. Cat food differs greatly from dog food, and it's not healthy for dogs to eat large amounts of cat food. You'll also want to clean your cat dishes often to promote better hygiene for your cat.

Cat Flea and Tick Products

Cat flea and tick products are essential for outdoor cats especially. Flea and tick products are also necessary of another pet in your home has a flea or tick, such as your dog. You'll want to safeguard all your pets from these parasites, to keep all the pets in your home healthy. Our line of cat flea and tick supplies includes flea and tick shampoo, flea and tick powders, flea and tick collars and many more flea and tick items to help keep cats flea and tick free.

Cat Furniture

Cats just love to perch, it is one of their favorite pastimes other than taking cat naps. Offer your cat their very own place to perch and watch the birds and life go by with our selection of cat furniture. Cat furniture is great for any pet owner's home, offering a place for your cats to sit, sleep and play without causing unnecessary damage and wear to your own furniture. For especially playful cats or homes with multiple cats, investing in specialty cat furniture is smart choice for pet owners.

Cat Grooming Aids

Whether you have a short haired car, or a long haired cat, you will need to keep your cat's fur groomed to promote healthy skin and prevent hair balls. As cat owners know, cats don't like to be groomed, and doing it yourself can be much more cost effective and comfortable for your cat. At the MEDNET Pet Store you will find a variety of cat grooming aids to suit the needs of your cat. We have cat grooming aids to suit long haired and short haired cats, as well as cat grooming tools to help with specific cat tempers and uneasiness. Make grooming your cat and more pleasurable activity for you and your cat with MEDNET's high-quality cat grooming aids.

Cat Grooming Tools

Properly grooming your cat can be a chore. But if you master the art of grooming your cat you will save yourself on many costly grooming fees. Grooming your cat yourself will also make your cat more comfortable, rather than having a stranger grooming him or her. At the MEDNET Pet Store you'll find a variety of cat grooming products to groom any breed of cat. Find cat brushes, cat hair trimmers and cat shampoos and more to keep your cat's coat healthy. Regularly grooming your cat will also prevent hairballs and keep your furniture and clothing more pet-hair free.

Cat Hairball Remedies

If you have owned a cat before, you know that hairballs are a problem. Help reduce your cat's hairballs by using one of MEDNET's trusted name brand hairball remedies. Since cats don't typically take medicine well, there are a variety of ways to eliminate cat hairballs. You can place hairball remedies on cats paws that they will lick off, there are hairball controlled foods and cat treats to try, or you can simply brush your cat frequently. No matter how many hairballs plague your cat, we have the remedy to eliminate them at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Cat Harnesses and Muzzles

Cat harnesses and muzzles are important safety tools for cat owners. Cat harnesses are great for your cat to wear if they are outdoor cats or you are taking them for a walk. Cat harnesses easily attach to a cat leash and come in a variety of colors to match your cat leash or collar. Cat muzzles are perfect if you have a cat who likes to meow during a long car trip or plane ride. Some airlines may require that your animal be muzzled so they cannot accidentally injure a crew member or other passenger. These are also great if your cat is being treated for rabies or needs to refrain from licking a surgical scar or other injury.

Cat ID Tags

Cat ID Tags are an essential product for any cat owner. It's important for every pet to have an ID Tag in case they are separated from their home. Having an Cat ID Tag on your cat will give your cat a better chance of returning home and not to a shelter if it runs away. Having ID Tags also let others know that your cat is not stray, or carrying diseases, making others more likely to approach it. Cat ID Tags are a simple way of protecting your cat. Our Cat ID Tags come on different shapes, colors and securely attach to any cat collar.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of the main items you will need to properly car for your cat. There are many types of cat litter on the market and it can be difficult to select a cat litter if you have never had a cat before. Luckily, MEDNET Direct offers many name brands of cat litter your cat will have no trouble using. Cat litter comes in many varieties, such as litter for multiple cats, odor control litter, clumping cat litter, and plain litter. You will learn your cat's preference by trying out different litters. Cat litter is also a great tool to keep in your car during the winter to help you get traction if you get stuck. It is also used to properly dispose of household paints. The MEDNET Pet Store has cat litter for all of your pet and household needs.

Cat Litter Additives

If you purchase cheaper plain cat litter, sometimes using a cat litter additive can help make the litter easier to clean up. There are many cat litter additives available such as baking soda which can help eliminate cat odors. There are also additives to help the litter clump, which can make cleanup easier. There are also cat litter additives that can help the litter not stick to the litter box, which makes changing the cat litter much faster. For all your cat litter additives, choose the MEDNET Pet Store.

Cat Litter Mats

Cat litter mats are a great cat litter accessory for especially messy cats. Cat litter mats can be placed around the litter box to catch any free-flying litter than may be spilled when your cat diggs in their box. These cat litter mats are usually made of rubber for easy cleanup. Cat litter mats are also great if your cat tends to miss the box on occasion, keeping your floors and carpet mess free. MEDNET's cat litter mats come in different colors to match your litter box.

Cat Litter Scoops

Cat litter scoops offer cat owners a simple way to save on litter costs. While cat litter does need to be changed frequently, scooping it can make it last a bit longer between cleanings. Using a cat scoop is especially if you have multiple cats that make the litter dirty more often, or cats who are particular about a messy litter box. Scooping the cat litter will also help reduce litter box odors. Litter box scoops are also great tools to use if you have to bring samples to your vet appointment. You can simply scoop up your sample and place in a plastic bag with no mess. If you are a cat owner, ensure you have a cat litter scoop.

Cat Maintenance Products

Our Cat Maintenance Products include a variety of miscellaneous cat products. We offer a selection of cat fences for outdoor cats along with cat boundary spray to help keep cats close to home. For the inside of your home, you can use cat repellent spray which will help encourage cats to keep off certain furniture in your home. This cat repellent spray is safe to use on furniture and is non-toxic to cats and other animals and humans in your home. You'll also find cat hair removers, which will easily remove cat hair from clothing and furniture along with cat food bag clips designed to keep cat food fresh!

Cat Medication

Our line of cat medication includes a variety of remedies for common cat illnesses, so your cat can get well quickly. The most common cat illnesses include tapeworm and earworm. We offer brand name medications for both cat tapeworm and cat earworm in tablet form that can easily be placed in wet cat food for cats to ingest. We also offer a cat calming collar which will help ill cats be calm at vet offices, or in other unfamiliar situations. For all the best brand name cat medication choose the MEDNET Pet Store.

Cat Odor Removers

Cat odor removers are some of the most commonly purchased cat care items. Cat odor removers are designed to help remove household cat odors. These products are especially convenient if you have multiple cats. The MEDNET Pet store offers a vast selection of brand name cat odor removers for cat litter boxes, pet dander removal, household sprays and cleaners along with other specialty products. By using cat odor removers your guests will never know you have a cat, and household members can enjoy a more allergen free environment.

Cat Pan Filters

Cat Pan Filters are a relatively new cat care product that have become very popular due to their odor preventing technology. Cat pan filters are available for various sizes of cat litter boxes and utilize charcoal based odor absorbing air filters to reduce the smell of cat litter box areas. Using Cat Pan Filters is ideal if you have more than one cat litter box or more than one cat in the household, reducing odors significantly.

Cat Pan Liners

Cat Pan Liners are another great Cat litter box accessory. Cat pan liners offer cat owners an easier way to clean and change cat litter. The Cat Litter Liners are plastic, and available for most litter box sizes. Simply line your cat's litter box with the cat litter liner and fill the pan with the appropriate amount of cat litter. When the cat litter needs to be changed, simply lift out the liner and all the dirty litter will exit along with the liner. There is no need to scoop or have to clean up cat stained litter boxes.

Cat Pans

Cat Pans, or Cat Litter Pans are the most important item you will need to purchase for your cat. We recommend that each cat have their own litter box, as some cats are territorial over their litter box. At The MEDNET Pet Store we have all types of cat litter boxes to suit the needs of any household or cat. Covered cat litter boxes are great for households with dogs or other pets who may try and mess with the litter. The covered design also gives cats privacy, and is ideal for those who are messy. We also have high backed cat litter boxes and disposable litter boxes which are great for travel.

Cat Pans With Domes

Cat Litter Boxes with domes or hoods are great for many cats. The hooded varieties of cat litter box allow cats their privacy when the litter box is in use. Domed cat litter boxes also great for households with other pets such as dogs, who may try and mess up the litter box. Hooded litter boxes also hold in odors, making your rooms fresher. MEDNET Direct stocks many hooded litter boxes from the basic to the premium hooded litter boxes with stairs, or self cleaning varieties. All hooded cat litter boxes are easy to assemble and clean, making litter changing a quick process.

Cat Pans With Rims

Cat litter boxes with rims are another popular cat litter box model. Cat litter pan rims are also available as attachments for your traditional litter box. Having a cat litter box with rims is especially helpful if you have a messy cat, or multiple cats, because the rims help litter from scattering outside the litter box. Keeping the litter inside the box is great for easy cleanup, and will keep the area around your cat litter clean and tidy. May cat owners who use rimmed litter boxes place cat litter mats around the litter box for additional protection.

Cat Scratching Posts

Cat Scratching Posts are one of the most important cat care products you will need when your cat is a kitten. Kittens have sharp claws and like to scratch anything and everything. Encouraging your cat or kitten to use a scratching post will help keep your furniture, curtains and clothing from being ripped to shreds. Scratching posts are also great tools for keeping cat's nails at an appropriate length. Just like walking a dog on the cement will help their nails from becoming too long, the same goes with cats and scratching posts. Using a scratching post will help you save on cat nail trims.

Cat Toys - Bells

Cat toys are a must for any healthy cat or kitten. Kittens especially need a variety of cat toys to play with so they are not destroying your furniture, curtains or bedding when left unattended. Cat toys are available in a wide variety of types, from cat toys with bells to catnip toys. It is smart to keep a variety of cat toys on hand, because your cat's taste in toys may change over time. Popular cat toys with bells include mice, plush balls, and other popular cat shapes.

Cat Toys - Catnip

Catnip toys are the most popular forms of cat toys. The catnip scent of our catnip toys will keep your cat entertained for hours on end. Cats are obsessed with catnip and will play with catnip scented toys for long periods time, effectively making them tired enough for a nap. For you as a cat owner, it's very entertaining to watch a cat play with their catnip toy. It's especially great if you have multiple cats, both can fight for the catnip toy all afternoon.

Cat Toys - Danglers and Wands

A great toy you can use to play with your cat is a wand or dangle cat toy. These toys require a human to move them out of cat's reach, or tickle cats with the feathers attached on the end of the toy. Your cat will enjoy pouncing and chasing a wanded toy, and you can quickly tire them out. Some wanded or dangle toys can now be mounted on a wall so cats can enjoy playing with these cat toys while you are away at work or school. This is ideal for cats who are alone for long periods of time.

Cat Toys - Fur

Finally, another popular cat toy type is the fur cat toy. These fun fur cat toys are designed for hours of enjoyment by any breed of cat. Plush cat toys are great because they don't have bells which can possibly choke your cat if the bell gets loose. They are also quiet toys, making them ideal for play when owners are sleeping or working. Cats often like to play at night, and noisy bell toys can cause you to loose sleep. Giving your cat plush fur toys is a great, safe way for your cats to play.

Cat Toys - Other

If you are looking for something other than fur cat toys, wand cat toys, bell cat toys or catnip cat toys, look no further than our specialty cat toys. Other cat toys include specialty cat toys for most cat breeds. We have neat toys all cats will find enjoyment from such as foam cat toys, Harley Davidson Cat Toys, glitter cat toys, cat tunnels and many other types of cat toys. No matter what type of cat toy you are looking for, we have it in stock at the MEDNET Pet Store.

Cat Treats

Every cat will love our selection of MEDNET Cat Treats. Our collection of name brand cat treats includes many delicious treats for your cat to feast on, such as chewy cat treats, crunchy cat treats and even catnip treats. Our cat treats are small enough for your cat to chew without choking. We also have many fun flavors to choose from, such as tuna, chicken, salmon, beef and many other flavors your cat won't be able to resist. Use cat treats as a training aid, or just to show your cat how much you love him or her.

Cat Vitamins and Supplements

As with cat medication, cat vitamins and nutritional supplements can be pricey. Save money on cat vitamins and supplements with MEDNET's wholesale prices on name brand cat vitamins and supplements. Cat vitamins and supplements will help keep cats healthy by combating viruses, providing extra nutrients for ill or older cats, and keeping their coats shiny and soft. No matter what type of cat you have, we have the vitamins and supplements needed for a long and healthy life.


No cat young or old can resist the temptation of catnip. Catnip is available in small and bulk packaging, so you can have enough for all your cats and kittens. Catnip is perfect for catnip toys and makes a very special treat for your cat. You will find hours of enjoyment watching your cat eat and play with the catnip. Catnip will really wear your car out, so it's good to use before bed or a trip so your cat will sleep right through the night without waking you. Using catnip is a great way to burn off all that energy your cat has.

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