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Comfa-Gel Cushion by Nortech is designed for use by those with a temporary or chronic condition requiring prolonged seating and for use by those who experience discomfort when seated due to arthritis, lower back pain, or other conditions. This self-leveling, self-adjusting cushion's design minimizes bottoming out, reduces pressure, and provides an extremely stable and comfortable seating surface.

Comfa-Gel Cushion features:
Accomodates a wide range of body shapes, sizes and weights.
Consists of one gel bladder sealed down the middle to prevent gel
pooling and gel migration so that the patient will not bottom out.
Gel Bladder is sealed between two 1.5 pieces of foam.
Tear-resistant non-skid bottom cover and vinyl top are fluid-proof,
antibacterial, and fire-retardant.
Relieves pressure for patients sitting in one position for extended
periods of time.
250 lbs. maximum weight capacity.

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